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  Might blackmail be a factor? 
(September 21st 2007)

BACKUP Indymedia information on "Hill of Tara" situation (August 25th 2007)


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   Question to be asked in Dáil Éireann regarding Aarhus Convention Agreement    
(November 12th 2004)
  By Deputy Ciarán Cuffe T.D. - please see his e-mail statement via link immediately above. 



   Why has the Aarhus Convention Agreement not been "laid before Dáil Éireann"?   
(November 8th 2004)
   As required under Article 29, 5, 1 of the Republic of Ireland Constitution  

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   EU Constitution Warnings (October 29th 2004)   
(October 29th 2004)
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   National Dev. Plan - over EURO 52 billion - but no Aarhus Agreement   
(October 24th 2004)
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   "Long Walk to Freedom" - away from the "Elected Dictatorships"   
(October 17th 2004)
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   Kilconnell superdump developments (request for legal advice)   
(October 13th 2004)
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   Signs of improvement   
(October 8th 2004)
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E-mail to Republic of Ireland Ombudsman Emily O'Reilly
(October 6th 2004)
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   Emails to Sir Anthony O'Reilly and Justice Minister Michael McDowell T.D.   
(October 3rd 2004)
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   Waste Management Meeting at Wards Ballyfa on October 1st 2004   



   E-mail dated September 30th 2004 to Senator Jim Higgins MEP   
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   Urgent enquiries initiated by Deputy Bernard J. Durkan T.D.   
(September 24th 2004)
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    An Bord Pleanala & The N6 Toll Road   
 Hot Mail  
(September 22nd 2004)

Backup copy at:



  Guardian of the Constitution & Possible Presidential Election?   
 Hot Mail
(September 15th 2004)

Backup copy at:
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Galway City Council & Possible Presidential Election
(September 13th 2004)



Galway County Council & Possible Presidential Election
(September 10th 2004)



 Review of Connaught Regional Waste Management Plan
(September 4th 2004)



    Evidence that "Bunreacht" (Primary Law) is knowingly being violated ...    President Mary McAleese, Prime Minister Bertie Ahern,
and Justice Minister Michael McDowell informed ...

(August 11th 2004)



 Welcome back
(August 7th 2004)



 Constitutional challenge announced regarding Kilconnell superdump
(July 29th 2004)



   London Journalist Enquires About Kilconnell Superdump
(July 26th 2004)



   Correction re Waste Management (Amendment) Act 2002
(July 23rd 2004)



   Request for change to web site refused
(July 21st 2004)



   Police warrant for arrest & Waste Management (Amendment) Act 2002
(July 16th 2004)



(July 13th 2004)



    Legislation & the role of the President
(July 5th 2004)
 Oireachtas Members informed about possible violation of Constitution



   E-mail to Heritage Minister Martin Cullen TD
(June 25th 2004)
Reply from Whitehouse



   Vote Number 1 - Ann Marie Kelly
(May 20th 2004)



 Election rigging - let's call a spade a spade  
(May 6th 2004)



 " In law, libel is a criminal wrong "
(May 1st 2004)



"Corrective action by the Green Party, or legal action by me?"
(April 30th 2004)



Green Party members vote AGAINST running a candidate
(April 28th 2004)



Dump controversy inspires a candidate
(April 12th 2004)



Reply from The Democracy Commission (Ireland) dated April 6th 2004



   Bribery allegation (involving Celtic Waste) reported to Irish Police
(March 31st 2004)



Woodlawn House, Celtic Waste, An Bord Pleanala, An Taisce,
and film-maker Lorraine Monaghan
(March 26th 2004)



National & International INDYMEDIA Publicity


  Bribery information being suppressed by local weekly newspapers ...
(March 19th 2004)

 Bribery "not relevant" - Bord Pleanala Oral Hearing told ...
(March 13th 2004)



"There is NOTHING we can do"

Tuam Herald Letter (Page 8, February 26th 2004)

Which direction from here?

 Sicker Dictatorship  <<<   OR   >>>  Healthier Democracy 



  Appeal letter to Board Pleanala (re Kilconnell superdump)
(February 21st 2004)



   Sam Shires Recycling Proposals for County Galway's Waste
(February 20th 2004)



  "Wrongful acts" of public servants, and the law ...
(February 15th 2004)



 How many times do they need to be told ???
(February 13th 2004)



  ?  <<< Is there anything can be done? >>>  ?
December 23rd 2003



  27 Galway County Councillors, 9 Galway TDs, 3 Connacht/Ulster MEPs,
and an
EU Commissioner in Brussels

 (December 17th 2003)



Turoe Stone Preservation Society

New Inn AntiDump Internet Group


Kilconnell AntiDump Internet Group

Esker Riada Preservation Society



  " They've paved paradise and put up a parking lot." 
(December 15th 2003)



 Objection to EPA regarding Kilconnell rubbish dump
(December 15th 2003)



Article 28A Problem (Republic of Ireland Constitution)
(December 9th 2003)



Invitation to Public Meeting
(December 5th 2003)



 Gombeenism  and the  Environment
(November 4th 2003)



"Elected Dictatorships"
(E-mail dated October 30th 2003)



Reply from European Parliament: plus Green Party & Aarhus Convention ??? 
(October 14th 2003)





(E-mail dated October 6th 2003)





Aarhus Convention & Indymedia Publications on new roads near Turoe & Tara


(E-mails dated September 30th 2003)





Information on Aarhus sent to Tara Group, Green Party, & Nature Ireland


(E-mail dated September 28th 2003)





  >>>  The Aarhus Convention Agreement <<<
   Signed by the Republic of Ireland on June 25th 1998  
(September 26th 2003)





   Celtic heritage sites now under SERIOUS threat: both at Tara, and at Turoe 
(September 24th 2003)





    Petition to European Parliament regarding N6 road through Knocknadala
(September 22nd 2003)








 Planned new road set to go through Turoe & Knocknadala area of East Galway
(September 4th 2003)

N6 upgrade - "Telling it like it is"





E-mail dated July 11th 2003 to Heritage Minister Martin Cullen T.D.
(Re: Turoe's Celtic Kingdom.)





 " Bribery and intimidation "


Leader of Green Party accuses Celtic Waste / Greenstar / National Toll Roads


(July 5th 2003 e-mail)





Finnerty Gathering at Donamon Castle on June 26th 2003



www.turoestone.com  |  www.castlestrangestone.com  |
(June 25th 2003)


www.turoe.net  |  www.turoe.org  |



Letter to European Commission dated June 21st 2003



New Local Heritage Web Sites



| www.woodlawnhouse.com | www.woodlawnhouse.org |

 | www.creggs.net | www.donamon.net |




(June 8th 2003)



Galway County Museum > Woodlawn House > Orna Hanley


(May 30th 2003)



Informing the media (and others) ...


(RE: "Corruption-friendly arrangements and practices ...")


(April 27th 2003)


Letter dated April 17th 2003 to Secretary-General of European Commission


   "Corruption-friendly arrangements and practices ..." 





Offer of help from Green Party (Ireland)


(April 15th 2003)



Feedback of information from European Parliament
(dated February 27th 2003) to East Galway local community


(April 4th 2003)



European Parliament Report dated February 27th 2003 on Petition 809/2001
(Re: EU Directive 85/337/EEC, and Directive 85/337/EEC)


(March 29th 2003)



Reply from Law Society of Ireland dated March 25th 2003


(March 27th 2003)



Petition 809/2001 Addition (March 21st 2003)


(March 22nd 2003)



Appeal letter dated March 17th 2003 to the
UK Department of Social Security


(March 19th 2003)



Help sought from Republic of Ireland Law Society (3rd try)


(March 13th 2003)



"10 minutes to midnight"
e-mail to Ms Clare Short MP


(March 11th 2003)



UK Law Society reply dated March 7th 2003


(March 10th 2003)



Legal help sought from UK Law Society
relating to European Union Petition 809/2001


(March 6th 2003)



Petition 809/2001 Addition (March 4th 2003)


(March 5th 2003)



Medical Statement


(March 4th 2003)



Delivered but not received
Re: Special Delivery letter to London Metropolitan Police posted on October 26th 2002


(March 3rd 2003)



Reply from European Union Court of Justice
Information Service dated February 20th 2003


(March 2nd 2003)



"Confucius say..." (to President Bush regarding looming war in Iraq)


(February 26th 2003)



Origin of finnachta name    Origin of finnachta name


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Viva La France
Re: United Nations meeting (on Iraqi war) of February 14th 2003 in New York


(February 18th 2003)



" The right of every person to be heard, ..."


    Item 2, Article 41, of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.  


(February 8th 2003)



Petition the United Nations against UNLAWFUL war in Iraq
(February 4th 2003)



Help sought from European Union Court of Justice
(February 1st 2003)



Help sought from Mr Paul Marsden MP with reference to:
(January 25th 2003)



SS Type Corruption in Year 2003 Context
  "... elitist cliques of arrogant thugs  
  who have CORRUPTLY taken over ownership of the Law

(January 19th 2003)



Reply from
UK Prime Minister Mr Tony Blair MP
(January 15th 2003)



Help sought from FAIR & MURTAGH (Law Firm)


Letter dated January 13th 2003


Letter dated January 6th 2003



Help sought from
UK Prime Minister Mr Tony Blair MP
(December 21st 2002)
" The DARK Forces "



Origin of finnachta name    Origin of finnachta name


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Help sought from Shrewsbury Borough Council
(December 19th 2002)



Help sought from Liberty (Human Rights Organisation)
(December 18th 2002)



Help sought from Minister Andrew Smith MP
(UK Minister in charge of Social Security Services)
(December 17th 2002)



Catalogue of State Sponsored Legal and Psychological Abuse
(December 12th 2002)

Royal Mail Receipts



Environment Protection Agency
E-mail dated October 4th 2002 from the Environment Protection Agency



Woodlawn House and Celtic Waste superdump
(October 3rd 2002)



"A problem well defined is a problem half solved."
(October 3rd 2002)



State Corruption in the Republic of Ireland - the core problem?


(September 30th 2002)


??? Corruption in the European Union/Parliament AS WELL ???





The role of the LOCAL COMMUNITY and
the MEDIA in challenging State corruption?


(September 28th 2002)


  "The law will never make people free; it is people who have got to make the law free. They are the lovers of law and order, who observe the law when the government breaks it."
            -- attributed to Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)

E-mail to Eoin Dubsky (Shannon Airport protestor)
(Sept 15th 2002)


Origin of finnachta name    Origin of finnachta name


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(September 14th 2002)

September 11th 2002

Delivery difficulties with e-mails sent to European Union on August 17th 2002
(August 29th 2002)

Problems reported to Eircom and European Parliament members

"permanent fatal errors" messages relating to some copies of e-mail sent to DPP

Problems with Waste Management (Amendment) Act, 2001

FOWHG   Friends Of Woodlawn House Group   FOWHG
(July 28th 2002)

(July 6th 2002)

"Go here",  "go there",  "go somewhere else" ...
(July 4th 2002)

E-mail from Republic of Ireland's Ombudsman
(July 1st 2002)

E-mail from Secretariat of the European Union's Ombudsman
(June 22nd 2002)



Outside Help Sought
(May 16th 2002)

(May 13th 2002)


Zzz, ...Zzz, ... !!! ..."WAKE-UP CALL" ... !!!...!!!...!!!...!!!
(May 12th 2002)

Council of Europe Directorate General of Legal Affairs
(May 11th 2002)


Anybody Listening?
(April 18th 2002)

General Election News
(April 2nd 2002)

<<< GRECO >>>
(March 25th 2002)





Origin of finnachta name    Origin of finnachta name


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Environment Matters:
... here, there, and everywhere ...

(Added on March 7th 2002)

East Galway May 2002 Election Candidate
Brendan Kelly

(Added on January 22nd 2002)

Saturnalia e-mail dated December 21st 2001

(Link added on December 25th 2001)

Text of e-mail dated November 26th 2001 to the
European Union Environment Commissioner Ms Margot Wallström.
E-mail dated November 26th 2001

(Added on November 28th 2001)

Request for clarification regarding European Parliament
Petition Number 809/2001

E-mail dated October 31st 2001
(added on November 4th 2001)

Reply from European Parliament
Letter dated October 8th 2001
(added on October 26th 2001)

Friends Of Woodlawn House Group
Progress Report 1
(October 10th 2001)

European Parliament
(September 19th 2001)

Garda Síochána ...
(September 6th 2001)

European Union
Petitions to The European Parliament
(August 22nd 2001)


Origin of finnachta name    Origin of finnachta name


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Origin of finnachta name    Origin of finnachta name


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