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Dear Sir Anthony,

Although I have a strong feeling that the time I am spending on this e-mail is likely to be a complete waste of my time, you may nevertheless wish to take account of the information in the "Guardian of the Constitution" e-mail at http://www.finnachta.com/Hotmail15Sept2004/OireachtasMembers.htm , and then re-consider the contents of your "Mary's humility won't be tested" article in today's Sunday Independent Newspaper - which I have reproduced below.
As I see it, your newspaper article below is just one of several HIGHLY misleading "Presidential Election" articles which have appeared in your Republic of Ireland newspapers in recent weeks.
I don't know about you, but I happen to believe that democracy can only work well if the people who vote are well informed.  It is largely for this reason that I personally find your newspaper articles of the kind reproduced below so VERY disturbing.
Finally, I would like to point out to you the fact that it is very clearly stated in Article 12, Section 10, of "Bunreacht na hEireann" (the Primary Law of the Republic of Ireland) that: "The President may be impeached for stated misbehaviour".  With this in mind, and with thoughts of legal matters connected with public-servant type offences such as "neglect of duty", and "dereliction of duty", I find myself wondering how long President Mary McAleese will be able to hold on to her present position?
Yours sincerely,
William Finnerty.

Mary's humility won't be tested

JUST a few weeks back we argued in this very spot that not only did we not
need a presidential election but that, in general, we don't actually need a
President at all. We should have stuck in a sub-clause saying that if we do
have to have a President we really should have an election.
Not that there's anything wrong with Mary McAleese. After all, it's hard to
be a bad President of Ireland when it comes down to it. It's just that we
might have enjoyed having the illusion of choice.
We also might have enjoyed seeing Mary McAleese argue why she thought she
should be the President again. It would have been most unbecoming to see the
President going around the place saying: "I think I should get to be the
President for another seven years because I'm great altogether, so I am. I'm
a great President, if I say so myself."
This would have been incongruous because the Mary McAleese/Mary Robinson
school of presidency is all about being humbled by everything, being humbled
by the great people you meet who do great work in their communities; and
being humbled by the sick and the destitute and, indeed, being humbled by
the very honour of the office.
It's a bit like entering a beauty contest. None of the contestants can admit
that they want to win simply because they'd like to win. They all have to
pretend they were forced into it by other people and that they aren't really
The presidency in this country is a bit like forcing an aunt to sing at a
wedding. She feigns reluctance and is 'mortified', but once you get her up
on the stage there's no getting rid of her. Humbled. Although watching Mary
McAleese on the Late Late the other night, 'humbled' wasn't really the word
that sprung to mind. 'In her element' was the phrase that actually sprang to
It might have been nice, too, if someone challenged the notion that we have
to have a law library middle-aged wan as President. For years we used the
Aras as a resting home for old, retired and bewildered politicians. Then
Robbo came along and there was a breath of fresh air and winds of change and
a new big idea, a thrusting post-feminist woman in the Aras. So we swept
away the old cliche in order to set in stone a new one.
Like whales we only need a breath of fresh air very occasionally in this
country. Ivana Bacik is already being talked about as the next President.
Female? TCD? Reid professor? Come this way please.
Anyway, there's no point in getting worked up about it. Mary McAleese will
impinge very little in most of our daily lives over the next seven years.
We'll notice her now and then when she wears the same coat as the mother of
the bride or something. And apart from that we can just forget about her,
like, well, like some retired politician rattling around in the Aras. As
they nearly say across the water - the cliche is dead, long live the cliche.

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