• Kilconnell Anti-Dump PUBLIC MEETING;
  • Monday December 8th 2003 at 8.30 PM;
  • E-mail invitations sent on December 5th 2003 to several people (including politicians and heritage officers): please see lists below.



Woodlawn House & Esker Riada heritage sites now under SERIOUS threat.

For further information please see below.

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To: Newbridge Anti-Superdump Committee) ; Mr. Vincent Costello (Bullaun/New Inn Anti-Superdump Committee) ; Mr. David McGann (New Inn Community Council Representative) ; Galway Safe Environment Group ; Dunkellen Group (Woodlawn) ; Dunkellen Group (New Inn) ; Dunkellen Group (Bullaun) ; Galway Independent Newspaper ; Connacht Tribune Editor (Mr. John Cunningham) ; Galway Advertiser Editor (Mr. Declan Varley) ; Ireland On Sunday ; Irish Emigrant Newspaper ; Irish Examiner Newspaper ; Irish Independent Newspapers (Unison Group) ; Keith Finnegan at Galway Bay FM (local radio) ; RTE (Irish National TV Station) ; Sunday Business Post ; TG4 (Irish Language Station, Republic of Ireland) ; The Irish Times ; Tuam Herald ; TV3 (Republic of Ireland) ; Associated Press ; BBC NEWS ; CNN ; Guardian Newspaper (UK) ; Reuters ; TIME Magazine
Sent: Friday, December 05, 2003 12:09 PM
Subject: [Celtic Party] Invitation (for Monday December 8th 2003)
Kilconnell Anti-Dump Public Meeting on Monday December 8th 2003 at 8.30 PM.

Everybody Welcome.

For further information please see below.


----- Original Message -----
Dear Everyone,
If any politicians decide to attend the Public Anti-Dump Meeting in Kilconnell Community Hall this coming Monday (at 8.30 PM), the two things I would most like to hear them talk about are:
1) Why is that the €50,000 bribe allegation referred to below is not (to the very best of my knowledge) being investigated in a responsible way by the appropriate authorities: even though the matter was raised in the Irish Parliament last July?
2) Why is it that all of the Irish politicians, and all of the Irish "mass-media", seem to be acting in a way which suggests that they have never even heard of the AARHUS CONVENTION: when people like EU Environment Commissioner Ms Margot Wallström have been making public statements about this EXTREMELY important set of environmental principles for some considerable time now?
In the most recent public statement I have seen attributed to Ms Wallström on the Aarhus Convention, I am very conscious of the fact that she used the "present-tense" in the following sentence: " Citizens will NOW be able to act as environmental watchdogs! "  The full context of Ms Wallström' s sentence can be seen at:
Mr William Finnerty
(Member of Kilconnell Anti-Dump Internet Group)

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, December 04, 2003 8:09 PM
Subject: [Tara/Skreen] Board Pleanala objection lodged ...
Dear Percy,
First let me please point out to the Tara/Skreen group-members that this e-mail has relevance to the M3 archaeological problem/s in their area.  This is because National Toll Roads are (I believe) something like 85% owners of Celtic Waste (which has fairly recently been renamed to Greenstar); and, Greenstar/Celtic Waste are at present having growing difficulties regarding an alleged Euro 50,000 bribe connected with the rubbish dump they are trying to locate in Kilconnell. The bribe was offered (allegedly) to the Chairman of the Kilconnell Anti-Dump Group.
In answer to your last e-mail (dated Tuesday, December 02, 2003 7:38 PM) please note that the date given was incorrect for the next PUBLIC MEETING of the Kilconnell Anti-Dump Group: It should have read Monday December 8th 2003.
Please note that brief GENERAL background-type information to the overall set of problems at Kilconnell can now be found on the page titled "Home Page" at the web site address below (which was updated earlier today):
A community-type petition was lodged I understand with Board Pleanala by the Kilconnell Anti-Dump Group (several days ago), and I have been informed that it contains all the basic information regarding the alleged EURO 50,000 bribe - which, according to the November 29th 2003 edition of the "Farmers Journal" weekly newspaper, was EURO 100,000 really!!  (i.e. two lots of 50,000 - please follow next link down for details.)
Also, an e-mail was sent to Board Planeala yesterday: for the purpose of pointing out some important local heritage issues which may have been inadvertently overlooked in the main community-type objection which I gather was lodged some days ago by the Chairman of the Kilconnell Group (Mr. Paraic Lohan).  A copy of the e-mail in question (which was copied to several Irish NGO's) can now be seen at the page titled "Bord Pleanala" on the new Kilconnell Anti-Dump web site.  The full page address to get there directly is:
Answers to your questions (where I am able to provide them):
1) "Who applied for the permission?"  >>>  My answer:  The National Toll Roads/Greenstar/Celtic Waste people (as far as I know).

2) "Was it done by a part xiii or x, ?"   >>>  My answer:  I don't know (at the present time).

3) "Was an EIA carried out or not ?"   >>> My answer:  I have heard mention of an EIS being carried out.

4) "What is in the neighbouring surround?"   >>> My answer:  Please refer to the first Internet address above (i.e. ).

5) "What is the geology of the situation?"  >>> My answer:  I don't know (at the present time).  I've been told Greenstar will NOT allow an independent group of consultants employed by the Kilconnell Anti-Dump Group to enter the site.  It seems Celtic Waste secretly did deals with some 6 or 7 local land owners (involving "down-payments" and written agreements of some kind) sometime before 2001, and now they (i.e. National Toll Roads/Greenstar) have full legal control of who is allowed to enter the land in question. 
6) "What kind of SPA's, NHA's, SAC's, are anywhere nearby?"   >>> My answer: I don't have any answers to these questions (at the present time).
7) "You persist on the Aarhus argument. Please tell me what specific Irish law, - gives full effect to - the Aarhus agreement?"   >>> My answer: There is no specific Irish law that I know of.
However, and while wishing to STRESS that I am NOT a lawyer, it is nevertheless my understanding that breaking an agreement (be it verbal, written, or inferred) is normally unlawful: unless of course the agreement in question involves something which is widely perceived to be against the common good.  The fact that the Republic of Ireland has actually "signed" something (as indicated in at least one official EU publication which I have in my possession) suggests to me that, at the very least, they must have agreed to provide some form of broad support for the overall set of basic principles embodied in the arrangements decided at the Aarhus Convention. 
Best regards,
Billy (Finnerty).

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    <<< Request to have corruption investigated:  >>>
(Made on July 11th 2003)


  EU Directive 97/11/EC:

Please Note: Point 3, in Annex IV seems particularly important:

  "A description of the aspects of the environment likely to be significantly affected by the proposed project, including, in particular, population, fauna, flora, soil, water, air, climatic factors, material assets, including the architectural and archaeological heritage, landscape and the inter-relationship between the above factors."


  Environmental Assessment 

"Environmental assessment is a procedure that ensures that the environmental implications of decisions are taken into account before the decisions are made."


  Information on petitioning the European Parliament 


Direct link to EU web site:

  Procedure for submitting a petition to the European Parliament 


  Sample of petition sent to the European Parliament on September 22nd 2003


The petition at the address below concerns the plan to put the new N6 Galway/Dublin Upgrade Road right through the middle of the Celtic "Iron Age" oppidium centred around Turoe & Knocknadala: which is thought to be the first to date to be identified in Ireland, and possibly the largest (by far) of all the 40 or so Celtic oppida yet found outside Ireland - in places like England, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, and Hungry.


  The European Valetta Convention 


The Republic of Ireland ratified the European Valetta Convention  (European Treaty Series 143) on the Protection of Archaeological Heritage in 1997. Article 5, ii), b) seems particularly relevant to development projects such as roads: "the allocation of sufficient time and resources for an appropriate scientific study to be made of the site and for its findings to be published".


  Agenda 21 (United Nations) 


General information:

"Introducing the Aarhus Convention"
 (from the United Nations):

"It links environmental rights and human rights."
"It establishes that sustainable development can be achieved only through the involvement of all stakeholders."
"It links government accountability and environmental protection."
"It acknowledges that we owe an obligation to future generations."
"The subject of the Aarhus Convention goes to the heart of the relationship between people and governments."


  "Telling it like it is"  


This publication reviews progress in the Republic of Ireland during the first 10 years following the 1992 Rio Earth Summit Conference. Through the use of 34 stories it strongly suggests (on page 8) that: "In spite of millions of Euros in spending and international co-operation of a degree and depth never before seen, the agreements of Rio 92 have not translated into on-the-ground changes".


"Anyone can become angry - that is easy.  But, to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way: this is not easy."   Aristotle (384 - 322 B.C.).  Quote from: "Nicomachean Ethics".

Aristotle  |  Nicomachean Ethics (350 B.C.)  |



Extract from Preamble:

    "Conscious of its spiritual and moral heritage, the Union is founded on the indivisible, universal values of human dignity, freedom, equality and solidarity; it is based on the principles of democracy and the rule of law. It places the individual at the heart of its activities, by establishing the citizenship of the Union and by creating an area of freedom, security and justice."  

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  "Confucius say (on world order) ... "

  • "To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order;
  •   To put the nation in order, we must put the family in order;
  •   To put the family in order, we must cultivate our personal life;
  •   And to cultivate our personal life, we must first set our hearts right."

(551-479 B.C.)  

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