E-mail to Green Party dated July 5th 2003

   "Bribery and intimidation " 

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Sent: Saturday, July 05, 2003 12:03 PM

Subject: Woodlawn House (set of heritage sites which includes at least one "protected" building)

EU Commission References: SG(03) A/ 4M4  &  JAI/A5/AG D(2003) 3823 (Mr David O'Sullivan)

European Parliament Reference: Petition 809/2001

Hello to Everyone,

I was pleased to see that Leader of The Green Party (Mr. Trevor Sargent) appears to have recently mentioned ""bribery"" (in Parliament) in connection with the activities of Celtic Waste (recently renamed Greenstar by National Toll Roads).
As the above event may be helpful regarding the Woodlawn House (East Galway) restoration project, a link has now been added to the FIE (Friends of the Irish Environment) report on Trevor Sargent's very welcome efforts of recent date at the following Internet page location:
I am copying this e-mail to a number of people at The Green Party (Republic of Ireland) because, for reasons best known to themselves, someone, somewhere, appears to have prevented an e-mail I sent on July 3rd 2003 from being circulated in the normal way (via the <greenireland@yahoogroups.com> address). It related to East Galway environmental problems associated with the "Turoe's Celtic Kingdom" book launch due to take place on July 13th 2003.  Further information relating to the book launch in question can be found at:
Regards to all.
W. Finnerty.

 Registered letter and payment receipt for printed (and signed) copy of above
 e-mail posted on July 5th 2003 to the Secretary-General of the
 Commission of European Communities in Belgium.









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