Letter to European Commission of June 21 2003

  "... that sick (and sickening) and unfortunate area of human thinking and behaviour which is possibly causing anything between 50% to 90% of all human problems."  

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Sent: Saturday, June 21, 2003 12:43 PM
Subject: Letter from European Commission dated May 28th 2003

EU Commission References: SG(03) A/ 4M4 (Mr David O'Sullivan)
JAI/A5/AG D(2003) 3823

European Parliament Reference: Petition 809/2001
Dear Mr O'Sullivan,
Thank you for your letter dated May 28th 2003.  For some reason I did not receive it until June 19th 2003, and as the envelope contains no date, I have no way of knowing why the lengthy delay in reaching me might have occurred.
With reference to the first paragraph of your letter (reproduced at the Internet address provided just beneath this paragraph), I feel I should now try to make it more clear that (as far as I am concerned) my letter of April 17th 2003 to the European Commission is really about MALADMINISTRATION problems in the Republic of Ireland, in England, and in the European Union itself, which I have been VERY BADLY affected by.
In an effort to clarify what I mean by maladministration, I would like to state that I associate it with a very unhealthy mixture of components which would include such things as dishonesty, corruption, and greed (for money and for power).  In other words, that sick (and sickening) and unfortunate area of human thinking and behaviour which is possibly causing anything between 50% to 90% of all human problems.

If you check the printed copy of the letter I sent to the European Commission on April 17th 2003, and as can be seen by following the Internet link immediately below, you will find that I did in fact use the word "maladministration" in both the second and the third paragraphs from the end of the main text - which I have now highlighted on the following Internet page:

With further reference to your letter of May 28th 2003, please note that I did not make any mention of legal aid in my letter of April 17th 2003 to the European Commission, and that I do not see legal aid as an issue in my particular case at the present time.  I am in a position to pay for good quality legal advise, and for good quality legal action.  My core problem, as I feel I have ALREADY explained at length in my letter of April 17th, is that I cannot find a lawyer to advise me regarding the set of legal issues in question - let alone act on my behalf.  
Allowing for the points I have made above, and without wishing to be disrespectful to anyone, I wish to make it clear to all concerned that I consider the contents of your letter to me dated May 28th 2003 to be very largely irrelevant to my particular case. Your letter appears to me to contain far too many inappropriate and unnecessary generalisations: in circumstances whereby I had already provided you with detailed information relating to the particular legal difficulties I am encountering.
All things considered, I feel I now have to ask you and your colleagues at the European Commission to reconsider the contents of my letter dated April 17th 2003 (keeping in mind the points I have made above).
If, after further consideration of the kind requested above, the European Commission decides that it still cannot help me in any significant way to resolve the legal problems in question, then I would be very grateful for any guidance you might be able to let me have regarding the possibility of I finding redress through the European Court of Human Rights (which you mention in the final paragraph of your letter dated May 28th 2003).  Please note that as far as I am concerned, and as I trust you and colleagues at the European Commission will understand and accept, ALL domestic remedies here in the Republic of Ireland (and in England) have already been exhausted in my particular case: by virtue of the fact that I cannot find a lawyer to advise me, or to act on my behalf (in either of the two jurisdictions).
For me, the most threatening of the maladministration difficulties (at the present time) involves the fact that I have been charged with what I see as wholly corrupt and malicious prosecution by the Director for Public Prosecutions in the Republic of Ireland (Mr James Hamilton) in connection with my efforts to prevent illegal sewage discharges from the primary school in the village where I live, and that a warrant was issued for my arrest on October 9th 2002 regarding this matter (as related in my letter to you dated April 17th 2003).  
In passing, I would like to make it clear to all concerned that the illegal sewage discharges from the primary school referred to in the paragraph above are still flowing into the river, and into the air, less than 100 yards from I live; and, that nothing whatsoever has been done to correct them in spite of all the people who have been told about them during recent years (both here in Ireland, and in the various institutions and bodies of the European Union on mainland Europe).  Further detailed information regarding this point can be found through the Internet addresses provided below.
If, while I am waiting for a reply to this letter, any of the Republic of Ireland authorities attempt to arrest me in connection with the arrest warrant referred to above, it is my intention to offer them a printed copy of this letter, and to ask them to defer all arrest proceedings until such time as I have received a written reply from you to this letter. (Similarly, should the authorities force me to appear before a court of any kind.)

I would be grateful if you would please reply to this letter using the following address information:
       Mr William Finnerty
       "St Albans"
       New Inn
       County Galway
       Republic of Ireland.

Later today, I intend to send a printed (and signed) copy of this e-mail to you through the registered post, and I will address it as follows:
             Commission of the European Communities
             (Attn: Secretary-General)
             Rue de la Loi 200
             B-1049 Brussels


Mr. William Finnerty.

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