"Corrective action by the Green Party, or legal action by me?"
(E-mail to several members of the Green Party dated April 30th 2004)

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From :  William Finnerty <wfinnerty@eircom.net>
Sent :  Friday, April 30, 2004 2:07 PM
To :  "Deputy Trevor Sargent T.D. (Republic of Ireland Leader of The Green Party)" <trevorsargent@eircom.net>, "Patricia McKenna MEP" <mckennap@iol.ie>, "John Gormley T.D." <johngormley@eircom.net>, "Councillor Mary White (Green Party Deputy Leader)" <marywhite@oceanfree.net>, "Colm O Caomhanaigh" <cocaomhanaigh@oireachtas.ie>, "Ciaran Mc Lochlainn (Secretary, East Galway Green Party)" <ciaran17@eircom.net>, "Brendan/Helen Kelly" <kellybrendan@eircom.net>, "Green Party Ireland (Yahoo Group)" <greenireland@yahoogroups.com>, "East Galway Green Party (Siobhan Nevin)" <siobhannevin2004@yahoogroups.com>, "Janice Fuller (Local Green Party Secretary for Galway Area)" <fullergood@eircom.net>, "Una Ni Bhroin" <unanibhroin@eircom.net>, <terrence.mcdonough@nuigalway.ie>, <salandsorcha@hotmail.com>, <sfitzgerald@greenparty.ie>, "Richard Brennan" <rickbrennan@eircom.net>, "Peter Butler" <recycle4galway@hotmail.com>, "Paul Campbell" <paulcampbell@vodafone.ie>, "Padraig Fany" <fahypa@eircom.net>, "Niall & Niamh" <niallob@esatclear.ie>, "Marian Brady" <marianbrady1@eircom.net>, "Luke Reade" <luke_reade@yahoo.com>, "Lucille Ryan O'Shea" <lucille@drlucille.net>, "Kieran Cunnane" <kcunnane2003@yahoo.com>, "Kerry Larkin" <ke_4@hotmail.com>, "John James Porter" <aneitleoirglas@eircom.net>, "Galway Greens" <galwaygreens@yahoogroups.com>, "Eamon Andbro" <eansbro@eircom.net>, "Donal O'Bearra" <dobearra@eircom.net>, "Diarmaid Mulcahy" <dmul@eircom.net>, "Clare Butler" <clarebutler19@hotmail.com>, "Catherine Ansbro" <cansbro@eircom.net>, "Caroline Hynes" <caz_hynes@hotmail.com>, "Siobhan Nevin" <siobhannevin@ireland.com>
CC :  "Republic of Ireland Lawyer Mr Gearoid Geraghty (Fair Murtagh)" <gearoidgeraghty@fair-murtagh.ie>, "Martin Egan (Fair Murtagh)" <martinegan@fair-murtagh.ie>, "Law Society (Republic of Ireland)" <H.Mountaine@LawSociety.ie>, "The Democracy Commission (Ireland)" <democracycommission@tascnet.ie>, "An Bord Pleanala" <bord@pleanala.ie>, "CelticParty(Yahoo)" <TheCelticParty@yahoogroups.com>, "New Inn AntiDump Internet Group" <NewInnAntiDump@groups.msn.com>, "New Inn Anti-Dump Chairman (Vincent Costello)" <repsvc@indigo.ie>, "Kilconnell Anti-Dump Group Secretary (Annette Gilchrist)" <kilconnellantidumpsecretary@yahoo.co.uk>, "Kilconnell Anti-Dump Internet Group" <KilconnellAntiDump@groups.msn.com>, "01 Eir" <wfinnerty@eircom.net>, "02 Yah" <newinngalway@yahoo.co.uk>, "03 Hot" <billyfinnerty1945@hotmail.com>, "04 Hot" <finnachta@hotmail.com>, "05 Yah" <finnachta@yahoo.co.uk>
Subject :  Corrective action by the Green Party, or legal action by me?

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I am sending this e-mail to a selection of Green Party members because, to the very best of my knowledge, earlier e-mails I sent to the two Green Party Yahoo sites ( siobhannevin2004@yahoogroups.com & greenireland@yahoogroups.com ) relating to the defamatory e-mail (concerning me), and published by Ciaran McLochlainn on April 5th 2004, all appear to me to have been censored (i.e. not distributed to the members of the 2 groups).
It is my hope that this e-mail might help to avoid litigation in connection with the April 5th defamatory e-mail matter.
Background information relating to the set of "candidate selection & defamation" difficulties in question can be found in the e-mail reproduced below, which was sent on Wednesday, April 28, 2004 11:34 AM.
A Hotmail copy of the April 28th e-mail reproduced below, which includes the Hotmail / Microsoft message ID and tracking information, can now be seen at the following address: http://www.finnachta.com/GreenPartyCandidate.htm ; and, a backup copy can also be viewed at:
Later today, I plan to send a printed and signed copy of this e-mail to Deputy Trevor Sargent T.D. (Leader of the Green Party) through the registered post.  Sometime within the coming few days, I also plan to copy the text of this e-mail to the following address:

 ----- Original Message -----
Cc: Republic of Ireland Lawyer Mr Gearoid Geraghty (Fair Murtagh) ; Martin Egan (Fair Murtagh) ; Deputy Trevor Sargent T.D. (Republic of Ireland Leader of The Green Party) ; Councillor Mary White (Green Party Deputy Leader) ; Prime Minister Bertie Ahern ; Garda Commissioner Noel Conroy (Chief Commissioner of Police, Republic of Ireland) ; Assistant Police Commissioner (Galway area) ; Margot Wallstrom (European Union Environment Commissioner) ; Commission of the European Communities (Attn. Secretary-General) ; An Bord Pleanala ; The Democracy Commission (Ireland) ; Ian Lumley (An Taisce) ; 05 Yah ; 04 Hot ; 03 Hot ; 02 Yah ; 01 Eir ; East Galway Green Party (Siobhan Nevin) ; CelticParty(Yahoo) ; Green Party Ireland (Yahoo Group) ; Kilconnell Anti-Dump Internet Group ; Nature Ireland ; New Inn AntiDump Internet Group ; Tara / Skreen Group ; Woodlawn House Preservation Society
Sent: Wednesday, April 28, 2004 11:34 AM
Subject: [Celtic Party] Green Party members vote against running candidate in New Inn / Kilconnell area (east Galway, Republic of Ireland)
At last nights selection meeting in Ballinasloe (County Galway, Republic of Ireland), local Green Party members voted 6 to 4 against running a candidate in the June 11th 2004 Election for the New Inn & Kilconnell area.
While the reasoning and motivation of those responsible for this bizarre decision is unknown, the result they achieved will nevertheless be very good news for all those who might have had anything to fear regarding the recent "Judicial Investigation" motion into corruption (in the New Inn & Kilconnell area), which was passed at the Green Party Convention in Galway on March 14th last.  
Background information leading up to last night's amazing decision can be viewed at the following Internet address:
Also included at the above address is some associated, outline information on the giant multi-national set of companies: Celtic Waste (Greenstar), National Toll Roads, and Cement Roadstone Holdings; the 100,000,000 Euros raised for Celtic Waste by an international group of banks (lead by the Bank of Ireland); the bribery allegations involving Celtic Waste which were reported to the Republic of Ireland Police on March 31st last (but possibly not investigated it is thought?); and, the threats posed by the two superdumps planned for Kilconnell & New Inn to the many Iron Age heritage sites closely associated with the 2000 year old Turoe Stone - which is believed to be by far the most important piece of Celtic stone-art in the world.

Yahoo! Groups Links



Some interesting background information relating to ownership of
   National Toll Roads (NTR), 
  Celtic Waste (Greenstar),
 Cement Roadstone Holdings (CRH)

 can be found at the 4 Internet addresses provided below.







Banks & Greenstar (Celtic Waste)

"Waste management company Greenstar, formerly known as Celtic Waste, has raised Ä100m in debt finance facilities for its continuing programme of capital investment.

"The five-year loan was led by Bank of Ireland, and includes AIB, Ulster Bank, Bank of Scotland (Ireland) and IIB Bank (headquarters in Brussels)."

The above information comes from RTE report of May 13th 2003  (15:37) at:

IIB Bank


   Bribery allegation (involving Celtic Waste) reported to Irish Police
(March 31st 2004)


   Turoe Stone: 


Background information on local environmental problems in the New Inn
and Kilconnell areas can be found at any of the 4 sites listed below:






Aarhus Convention Agreement
Basic Information




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