Shrewsbury Council


From: William Finnerty <>

To: Mrs Varley <>


Subject: Request to reconsider

Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 12:54:20 +0000

Mrs Varley
Central Services
24 Castle Street
Shrewsbury and Atcham Borough Council
Shrewsbury SY1 1ZZ

Your reference: FINWPM00

Dear Mrs Varley,

Thank you for your letter dated December 12th which I received yesterday.

I note what you have stated regarding the fact that the address I am at present staying at in Shrewsbury is a temporary one.

However, please note that I cannot return to my permanent address in the Republic of Ireland at the present time without the risk of being arrested (and possibly imprisoned).  Far more importantly, and despite my best efforts, I have so far failed to find the human-rights lawyer that I came here to find (i.e. to England). When I arrived here on October the 8th last I anticipated that I would probably have found such a person within four weeks or so.

Also, and in case I did not mention it up to now, I did not plan to seek help from the UK Department of Social Security (or Shrewsbury Borough Council): until, that is, I started to feel concerned about the way the London Metropolitan Police Service were failing to act on the CD ROM information I sent to them through the Royal Mail Special Delivery service on October 26th 2002.

This event came as a HUGE shock to me: largely because I believed the London Police would act in a responsible way; and, that having acted, I would then be able to return safely to my home in the Republic of Ireland a short time later. In the event, the London Police did not act on the information I sent them (in any way that I know of): and consequently, and through no fault of mine, my stay in Shrewsbury has been unexpectedly delayed in a way that I did not plan for properly.

Please note also that as things stand at the present time, I do not know when (if ever) it will be safe for me to return to my permanent address in the Republic of Ireland.

Allowing for the above, I would be very grateful if you and your colleagues at Shrewsbury Council (and the DSS) would please reconsider my original request - which was for ANY practical help you may be able to provide me with: keeping in mind please that my most pressing need is for a for a human-rights lawyer.

Background information regarding my case can be found at both of the Internet web site addresses provided below. (Please note that at the present time the most recent updates can be found at the address.)

Later today, I intend to send a printed copy of this e-mail to you through the Royal Mail Recorded Delivery postal service.

I look forward to hearing from you again - in the hope that after further consideration Shrewsbury Council (and/or the DSS) will be able to provide me with practical help of SOME kind regarding the almost impossible legal situation I now find myself in; and, that (if necessary) the use of temporary concessions will be used to help me with the very unfamiliar set of problems I have been saddled with: particularly those parts that are NOT of my making, and which I cannot reasonably be expected to take responsibility for.


William Finnerty

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A printed copy of the above e-mail was sent to Mrs Varley on December 19th 2002. The Royal Mail  Recorded Delivery receipt number for the letter is: RE 2675 7395 5GB.


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