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Subject :  Fw: Review of Connaught Regional Waste Management Plan

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Dear Democratically Elected Representative for Galway,
With due regard for the fact that President Mary McAleese, the present GUARDIAN of our Constitution, may (if she so chooses) soon be returned UNOPPOSED to Aras an Uachtarain, it would be very much appreciated if you could please take careful note of the contents of the e-mail below: which was sent last Saturday to Mr Ray Norton in connection with the Review of the Connaught Regional Waste Management Plan.
Please note that the Galway County Council list of addresses used for this e-mail has been taken from the following Internet page location: ; and, that the list on this page does not contain any e-mail information for many (possibly all) of the Galway County Councillors who were elected for the first time last June.  Consequently, I would be very grateful if you could try to take steps to ensure that ALL of my Local Government representatives are made aware of the contents of the e-mail below to Mr Norton please.
Finally, I wish to state that I would very much welcome any comments which anyone might wish to make to me regarding the EXTREMELY serious social matters raised in the e-mail below.
Yours sincerely,
Mr William Finnerty.
"St Albans"
New Inn
County Galway.

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Sent: Saturday, September 04, 2004 11:22 AM
Subject: Review of Connaught Regional Waste Management Plan

Dear Mr Norton,
I am writing to you in response to information circulated recently by Galway City Councillor Niall O'Brolchain.
It is my understanding that a review of the Connaught Regional Waste Management Plan is to take place shortly, and that members of the public have been invited to submit their views to you on the matter before September 7th 2004.
According to information available to me, which can be viewed at Internet address, Galway County Council (i.e. Local Government) has TWICE rejected the Connaught Waste Management Plan; and, on both occasions, the decisions taken were arrived at UNANIMOUSLY.
Following the above mentioned decisions, and through the use of what I (and other local people) regard as UNCONSTITUTIONAL LEGISLATION, the Government then altered parts of the Waste Management Act so that decision making powers regarding the location and use of superdumps and incinerators were removed from the democratically elected local government representatives, and placed instead in the hands of non-elected County Council managers.
It appears to me that the legislation which has been generated to bring about the above mentioned shift in power represents a straightforward, and totally unacceptable, violation of Article 28A of the Constitution, or "Bunreacht" (i.e. the "Primary Law"), of the Republic of Ireland - part of which (Item 1), reads as follows:

"The State recognises the role of local government in providing a forum for the democratic representation of local communities, in exercising and performing at local level powers and functions conferred by law and in promoting by its initiatives the interests of such communities."
Please note that one of the local residents where I live, law student Ms Ann Marie Kelly, is at the present time preparing to have the constitutionality of the Waste Management Act alterations referred to above challenged in the High Court.  As you may already know, our particular part of East Galway is now threatened with TWO huge superdumps (separated by a distance of just a few miles): one in New Inn, and one in Kilconnell; and, that BOTH of the locations chosen have been repeatedly rejected by our democratically elected local government representatives - on the grounds that the locations in question are totally unsuitable, partly because of the numbers of people living very close to each of the 2 sites involved.
With further reference to the Connaught Regional Waste Management Plan, there also appears to be a second very important (and very relevant) Constitutional issue connected with the Aarhus Convention Agreement, which the Republic of Ireland signed on June 25th 1998.  According to Article 29 (Section 5, Point 1) of the Constitution of the Republic of Ireland: "Every international agreement to which the State becomes a party shall be laid before Dail Eireann".  In so far as I can establish, and with due regard for the fact that well over SIX YEARS have now passed, the matter of the State signing the Aarhus Convention Agreement has NEVER been laid before Dail Eireann (the Republic of Ireland Parliament).  As can be seen at Internet address , this matter was brought to the attention of Environment Minister Martin Cullen T.D. on June 25th 2004.
It would be much appreciated if you could please ensure that all those connected with the Review of the Connaught Regional Waste Management Plan are made aware of the contents of this letter.
Sometime within the coming few days, I plan to place a copy this e-mail at the following Internet address, which has translation facilities for several European Union languages:
Later today I will also send a printed (and signed) copy of this e-mail to you through the registered post, which I will  address as follows: Mr Ray Norton, Director of Services, Mayo County Council, Aras an Chontae, The Mall, Castlebar, County Mayo.
Yours sincerely,
Mr William Finnerty.
"St Albans"
New Inn
County Galway
Republic of Ireland.

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