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Dear Ann Marie,
While I fully realise that parts of the e-mail letter I sent below this morning are completely irrelevant to local political issues, I believe there are a few things which might be useful for you and Ciaran, and some others in your age group perhaps, to know about.
In particular, and based on my own direct experience, I would like to warn against getting involved in lengthy LONE fights of the kind I got myself involved in at the beginning of all this dreadful political mess.  Having gone through it myself, I believe I would NEVER recommend it to anybody else. 
I believe the fact that I have psychologically survived this long drawn-out nightmare of an attempt of mine to challenge maladministration here in the Republic of Ireland, is only because of an unusual combination of circumstances. They include the following: a) I am financially independent and consequently not under the control of anybody; b) I have many years experience of working with electronic communications systems; c) despite the version of history I was provided with at school, I learned later in life that vast areas of Europe were once controlled by the Celts, and that the comparatively very small Republic of Ireland is now the ONLY fully independent Celtic Nation State left on earth. For that reason alone, and within certain limits, I have come to believe it is worth taking some risks for this State, and worth making some sacrifices for it as well; d) more than some at the present time perhaps, I am aware of the many thousands of our dispossessed ancestors who lost their lives in the several battles and uprisings between the 1160s and the 1930s, and of the millions of others who suffered so terribly during that period as a result of such things as forced immigration, famine ships etcetera, etcetera: to get us to the point where Bunreacht na hEireann became a reality; and e), and most important in my particular case perhaps, I have become aware of the unusually long Celtic history of my own family name, which is not mentioned in the school books for some reason. It is however related in the Annals of The Four Masters, and it goes back to 1352 BC
Though I imagine he has probably forgotten about it years ago, your grandfather, in response to a certain childish and common kind of taunt of the time, once very calmly and gently invited my first-cousin, who was also named Billy Finnerty, to lend him his head for a week-end "sometime soon" -  so that he could "frighten off a few families of badgers" that were troubling him near your home.  On account of his snow-white hair, my cousin Billy was then (i.e. the 1950s) known locally as the "White Head", and like several others around New Inn at the time, including myself, he was inclined to be cheeky at certain times to grown-up people who were considerably older than himself.  Anyway, and perhaps quite wrongly for all I know, this "White Head (Fionn Sneachta)" genetic situation seems to me to lend credence to the relatively well recorded Finnachta family history, which is very closely linked to the much more important history of King Ollamh Fodhla (father of King Finnachta): and which in turn strongly involves not only my own birthday (our Northern Hemisphere Spring Equinox, i.e. March 21st), but the actual time of my birth as well.
As far as I know (based on what my mother related to me sometime around the mid 1980s), I was born "a little after daybreak", in what would have been the period when the sun passes over the main decorated stone in Ollamh Fodhla's burial place: which is believed to be Cairn T, located among the large set of cairns in the Loughcrew area of County Meath.  Cairn T is approximately 25 miles to the north-west of Tara, and a few miles to the south of Oldcastle. To the best of my knowledge, and like most people of our times, my mother (who died in 1991), would probably never have heard anything about King Ollamh Fodhla - thanks to the way our school history books are written at present. I actually saw the sunlight passing over the decorated stone in Cairn T for the first time last March, and the way the stone brilliantly lights up, as a result of the overall design of this particular Cairn, really is very unusual.  I have never seen anything remotely like it anywhere before.  It does not work of course if there are clouds in the way.  However, there are normally 6 days each year when this ancient and very skilfully contrived event can happen: on the Equinox days themselves, March 21 and September 21, and on one day either side - i.e. the 20th and 22nd.  The equinox days themselves are of course the days when there is perfect balance between the hours of daylight and darkness throughout the entire world.
It also seems to be the case that the more scientists discover about genetics, the more amazingly complex and clever the whole system is: especially for the purpose of getting information - of many different kinds - past the physical death barriers which are a feature of all forms of life on earth; and, it appears that such information can, if Nature so chooses, survive any number of life/death reiterations and re-combinations: as long as the direct "blood-line" of the particular species does not become entirely extinct.
Unlike the Julius Caesar "empire-building" types perhaps (which I see as including people such as President Bush and Prime Minister Blair, and Sir Anthony O'Reilly as well possibly), I do not believe that Nature ever intended the Celts, or any other race or culture, to rule the entire earth.  I do believe though, in the interests of natural diversity, that we (the Celts) should be allowed to have our own unique legal jurisdiction for our own use, needs, and ways - just as I believe other cultures should be allowed to have theirs. 
However, and as I have mentioned in the e-mail below, and regardless of how things turn out from here on, I now feel I need to start winding up my operations relating to local politics. 
Please note though that I believe I would ALWAYS like to help your efforts in any small way/s that I can, for as long as I can, and from wherever I might be.  My hope now is that a few more young people might join in with yourself and Ciaran. The way I see it, 5 to 10 people say, of the calibre you and Ciaran possess, might, with the support of others of your generation, be able to do an awful lot of good: in terms of protecting and maintaining our very expensive, and as I see very precious, Bunreacht na hEireann. (Incidentally, I feel it could do with having a section added for the environment, which makes some direct mention of the Aarhus Convention Agreement the Republic of Ireland signed in 1998.)
That would be good for the Celts I believe, and it would be just as good for the vast majority of non-Celts I suspect - simply because the Celts seem to me to be one of several cultures who were very much inclined to co-operate with the ways of Nature, as opposed to kicking Nature in the teeth at every opportunity: for the sole purpose of making as much money as possible, as quickly as possible - and by such means (for example) as grossly overloading the natural systems with such things as superdumps, incinerators, Coillte type forests, meat-and-bone-meal feed for cattle and sheep, and so on, and on, and on.  Plus, of course, there is the somewhat different matter of building toll roads through important heritage sites.
In case I may have given anyone the wrong impression in earlier e-mails, I would like to make it clear that I am not opposed in principal to the Constitution of Europe as such: provided it does not (in effect) make smithereens out of our hard won Bunreacht na hEireann, and forever (maybe?) lock us into the Julius Caesar "elected dictatorship" type rule we have recently witnessed yet again here in connection with the Mary McAleese presidential election debacle.  Unfortunately, I feel it is the spirit of Julius Caesar, and not that of the Celts, which is dominating world thinking at the present time; and, it is doing so in a way which appears to me to be very imbalanced at times, and highly dangerous for everyone in a number of different ways.  Consider the present situation in Iraq for instance, where violent attacks seem to be growing more frequent by the week?
Iraqi type invasions is one of the reasons why I feel extreme caution needs to be applied to the Constitution of Europe situation: particularly when the present draft version contains no mention whatsoever (as far as I know) of the Aarhus Convention Agreement.  Add to that the fact that President Mary McAleese, one time Professor of Law at Trinity College Dublin (I think?), is more than happy to play the role of "legal ignoramus" in her capacity as Guardian of the Constitution: all to the delight of people like Sir Anthony O'Reilly, and his many newspaper editors here and elsewhere.  Given the chance, Brussels may yet become the new Rome for yet another latter-day Julius Caesar: if the money-grabbing, power-mad megalomaniacs are not very carefully watched, and legally challenged in effective ways as and when the need arises?
In case I might not have mentioned it to you before, I had a meal with a group of people about a year ago, and one of them, a cantankerous type, was adamant that Mary McAleese and Sir Anthony O'Reilly both share one really BIG ambition in life (which absolutely horrified him incidentally): and that is to have the Queen of England pay us a visit here in the Republic of Ireland at the first available opportunity.  Normally, I would probably would not have paid much attention to this person.  However, when I was later provided with a little uninvited information about him, it seems he is a retired member of the legal profession, and has contact with certain people who are believed to have good quality inside information relating to political matters here.
And now you know, if you have been looking that is, one of the main reasons why I have been sending my e-mail complaints concerning President Mary McAleese to places far and wide - including the BBC.  I have nothing against the personality of the Queen of England by the way.  Some of what she still represents (by way of residual Julius Caesar type political rule), does concern me though.  Allowing for my bits of publicity, and the fact I believe they probably watch things of that sort like hawks (while pretending not to of course), my hope is that the Queen of England (and her advisors) might decide a public meeting here in the Republic of Ireland, with someone who is known to be behaving recklessly and irresponsibly in her primary duty as "Guardian of the Republic of Ireland Constitution", might not be the smartest of ideas: from the viewpoint of the world image that the British Royalty wish to maintain for themselves.
Now, and to clear up any doubts which might linger, if you (or someone who thinks like you politically) were President of the Republic of Ireland, I would have no problems at all with such a visit from the Queen of England.  As Brendan Behan might say after he'd had a few drinks: "Sure I might even dance a jig with her meself if she felt like it".
Best wishes,
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Subject: Some signs of improvement

Dear Caroline,
It was really nice to hear from you again.
I regret it has taken me so long to write to you properly. 
I kept putting it off in the hope things would improve for me here.  
In certain ways things have improved a little in recent months, and I am hopeful now that this trend will continue.
Also, I now feel (for various reasons) that I simply have to start winding up my operations regarding the local political activities I have been involved in: even though I still find the maladministration situation here to be outrageous and shocking in several respects. 
Fortunately, a few young people have appeared on the local scene who are just as angry and upset as I am about what is going on here.  To some extent I have already handed my concerns over to them (sort of), and they know and accept that I cannot keep on working on these problems in the way I have been doing for the past several years now.   
One of the people concerned is a young law student, and she is at present preparing a High Court challenge regarding the constitutionality of the alterations to the Waste Management Acts made here (in 2001) which gave rise to some of the worst of the local problems. This has always been one of the things I wanted to do, but repeatedly failed to because I could not find a lawyer willing to help me (either here, or in England, or anywhere else in the European Union).
Changing the subject: When you wrote to me some months ago, you told me your cat had died.  Although I knew it must have been very upsetting for you, I just did not know what to say.  This was entirely because of local events here - I simply felt paralysed at the time to everything else.  While I was in Shrewsbury, I often felt mentally crippled in the same sort of way of course.
I was really surprised that "my" cat (very similar to yours but much younger) was still here when I got back from England in May 2003.  She was a stray cat really, a kind of mysterious beauty aptly named at the time by some local kids as "The Black Robber", who I used to leave out bits and pieces of food for.  My brother must have kept on feeding her while I was away.  I call her "Sooty" - but I don't know what her real name is of course!!
GoBe (The Great GoBe that is) is asleep at my feet as I write.  Since I got back, she has had several more pups (lesser GoBees as I see them) with her male friend "Murphy" (I think) across the road. The two of them, GoBe and Sooty, have been a huge help to me, and generally speaking they get on very well together.  It is true though that there are times when Sooty's body language suggests she considers the younger GoBe to be "only an ejit", as when watching GoBe madly chase bright yellow tennis balls - as though her very life depended on it. 
Sadly, there have been times when I felt the two of them were the only close friends I had: which I now see as part of the very high price of fighting bad politics by myself for too long.
Maybe now we will be better able to keep in contact?  I hope so.  Again, I regret not being able to keep in contact with you during the past 18 months or so - which I see as entirely my fault of course, and nothing whatsoever to do with you.
Best wishes,

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Ann Marie Kelly



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