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Dear Vincent,

I do not intend to make the change to my web site you have requested below - for the reasons I have already given you.

Neither do I intend to change my approach to using the Internet (as best I can) to try and get around what appears to me to be irresponsible censorship by the "traditional media" relating to what I perceive as serious violations of our Constitution, by our Government.

Further information on the Constitutional violations I have referred to above can be found at the following two Internet addresses:

Best wishes,

Billy Finnerty.


----- Original Message -----
From1: "Vincent Salafia" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, July 20, 2004 12:13 PM
Subject: Re: [nature-irl] Internet censorship (Tara/Skreen & Green Party
Yahoo Groups)

> --- William Finnerty <> wrote:
> > Dear Ciaran,
> >
> > I wish to point out to you (and anybody else reading this e-mail) that there appears to me to be at least one VERY major flaw in the argument Vincent Salafia has set out below.
> >
> > For reasons best known to himself, I don't think he has made any reference at all (below) to the email I sent to him on July 12th last - where I very briefly, but clearly I feel, made my situation regarding censorship and his threat to throw me off the Tara/Skreen list) know to him.
> >
> > A copy of the July 12th e-mail to Vincent Salafia referred to above can be seen at the following Internet location:

Dear Willam, everyone,

My final post on this.  William, your mail referenced above was  completely nonresponsive to mine, and irrelevant to the issue of your improper use of the tara skreen name and web site.  I did not mention the AARHUS Convention at any time to you.  What I did propose was that you stop linking to our site in the manner in which you are, which suggests that you 'run' the Taraskreen site. 

I see you persist in keeping that link and related statement on your web site.  Please remove it.


Vincent Salafia


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