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To: Fine Gael Party ; Democratic Left Party ; Green Party ; Labour Party ; Sinn Fein Party ; Tuam Herald ; The Irish Times ; Sunday Business Post ; Irish Independent Newspapers (Unison Group) ; Irish Examiner Newspaper ; Irish Emigrant Newspaper ; Ireland On Sunday ; Keith Finnegan at Galway Bay FM (local radio) ; Galway Advertiser Editor (Mr. Declan Varley) ; Connacht Tribune Editor (Mr. John Cunningham) ; Pat The Cope Gallagher (Member of European Parliament) ; Joe McCartin (Member of European Parliament) ; Rosemary Scallon (Member of European Parliament) ; UTV (Ulster TeleVision Newsroom) ; TV3 (Republic of Ireland) ; TG4 (Irish Language Station, Republic of Ireland) ; RTE (Irish National TV Station) ; Irish News (Ulster) ; BBC TV (Ulster) ; Junior Minister Noel Treacy ; michael.kitt@oireachtas.ie ; paul.connaughton@oireachtas.ie ; ulick.burke@oireachtas.ie

Sent: Friday, May 10, 2002 11:02 AM

Subject: ... zzz... " WAKE-UP CALL !!! " (for politicians and members of the media in the Republic of Ireland)

The text of an e-mail to the Council of Europe Directorate General of Legal Affairs (regarding "systemic" State corruption in the Republic of Ireland) has now been placed at the www page address immediately below:


E-MAIL:   wfinnerty@eircom.net
WEB SITE 1:   http://homepage.eircom.net/~williamfinnerty/
WEB SITE 2:   www.finnachta.com

SUNDAY MAY 12th 2002

Sunday Business Post: "Some issues Bertie wants you to forget ..."

Sunday Independent: "Plum job for Sheedy... "

Ireland on Sunday: "Why the Garda must reform to regain our trust ..."

"Keep the issues detailed above at the forefront of your mind."

PAC (People Against Corruption)

In anticipation of the "systemic" State corruption in the Republic of Ireland being treated as a very low-priority (and almost completely taboo) subject in the run-up to the May 17th 2002 General Election, the set-of-three "People Against Corruption" Internet addresses listed below were reserved early last month:




If, after the May 17th 2002 General Election, anybody is interested in forming a group which would like to use one or more of the above three addresses please e-mail: wfinnerty@eircom.net

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