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September 28th 2002 e-mail to
Mr. James Hamilton (Director of Public Prosecutions)


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Saturday, September 28, 2002 2:41 PM

Loughrea District Court hearing on October 9th 2002.

European Parliament reference: Petition 809/2001.

Dear Mr Hamilton,
Thank you for your acknowledgement of receipt for my letter dated September 21st 2002.
As your acknowledgement letter (dated September 23rd 2002) makes no reference to the court hearing deferral I requested in the final paragraph of my letter to you dated September 21st 2002, I assume that you wish the court hearing to go ahead on October 9th 2002 as scheduled.
The text of my letter to you dated September 21st 2002 can be seen at either of the following two www page locations:
I have now decided to leave Ireland sometime within the coming seven days, and consequently I will not (unless I am forced to) be attending the District Court in Loughrea on October 9th 2002. Even if I am forced to attend, it is not my intention to say anything: other than refer to my written correspondence relating to the matter - which I assume the judge will have been given copies of beforehand.  Unless I am informed otherwise, I will also assume I have a right to remain silent in court.
Also, I do not intend to return to Ireland unless (and until) such time as the threat of imprisonment regarding the summons initiated by Mr Hoey (of Galway County Council) is removed - one way or another.
The big problem for me regarding the threat of imprisonment is that, as a result of parental alcoholism, I have suffered from depression since around 1950 (when I was a five year old child); and, that at one point in fairly recent years, the depression turned suicidal. I am deeply concerned that a prison sentence connected with the charge of assault I am now being accused of would - without ANY doubt in my view - bring on a relapse of that same suicidal state of mind: probably within a very short period of time. 
In so far as I am aware, there is no cure (as such) for the psychological damage caused by parental alcoholism.  To the very best of my knowledge (writing as a person who has been receiving - since 1975 - the best-quality medical treatment for the condition that I know of), all that people so afflicted can do is to try to find ways around the psychological damage (as best they can).  Now that I have explained this, I hope I will not be hindered in any way from doing what I feel is necessary (within the law) for the purpose of protecting my mental health.  As far as I know, there is nothing to prevent me coming and going as I please to and from the Republic of Ireland at any time between now and October 9th 2002 (the date of the court hearing); and I wish to stress that, given reasonable notice, I am happy to return to Ireland at any time: provided I have been given good reason to believe (in writing) that there is no major risk to my mental health. 
I feel I should also make it clear that I will be doing all I can to return to Ireland as soon as I can - even though I fully realise I may not succeed in achieving this goal.  Rightly or otherwise, it seems to me that the combined forces of big business, big government, and big profits, are playing a major role in sustaining the State corruption I have been attempting to challenge here for the past four years or so; and that those who benefit from State corruption fully intend to continue acting "stone-deaf" in regard to everything they do not wish to listen to: regardless of the legal rights and the valid needs of ordinary citizens such as myself. It appears to me as though the elitist groups in question have hi-jacked important areas of the law embedded in our written Constitution - in such a way that they arrogantly believe they can break the law themselves (as and when they please), and at the same time force others to abide by it - just as it suits their own self-indulgent purposes: STATE CORRUPTION - in other words.  Please be aware that I feel under no legal or moral obligation whatsoever to go along with ANY of the illegal activities connected with State corruption; and, quite the opposite, that I feel I have a personal responsibility (within reason) to be as difficult as I possibly can be in opposing and disrupting all such behaviour. 
Health Minister Micheal Martin T.D. was informed of the problems with suicidal depression in my family in Section 12 (page 4) of my letter to him dated July 27th 2000.  As has been related in earlier correspondence (now on some of my Internet pages), copies of my letter dated July 27th 2000 to Minister Martin were also sent (in the weeks following July 27th 2000) to a number of other people which includes: Prime Minister Ahern, President Mary McAleese, Mr. Kenneth Murphy (Director General of the Law Society of Ireland), and Dr. Anne Jeffers (Consultant Psychiatrist, Western Health Board). 
In the case of Dr Jeffers, printed copies of some of my recent e-mails (including the one to you dated September 21st 2002) have been sent to her by hand through my brother and half-sister and the psychiatric nurse (Mr William Ward) who visits them every two weeks.  Though I have not heard anything from Mr Ward or Dr Jeffers, I assume nevertheless that they know about the present set of family difficulties connected with the possibility of I being imprisoned in connection with Mr Hoey's complaint.
I would like to take this opportunity to point out that I have still heard nothing from anybody at the European Union/Parliament in response to the written requests for help I have sent to them through the registered post during the past several months.  It now seems to me that my registered letters might never have reached their intended destinations within the various bodies and institutions of the European Parliament/Union:  as a result of some kind of unlawful activity connected with corruption (of one kind or another).  Consequently, I further believe that this matter should now be fully investigated by the police, and that a copy of their finished report should be given to the judge well in advance of he/she hearing my case.  Scanned copies of the relevant Post Office receipts can be seen on several of my Internet pages - such as (for example) those at the following location:
I would also like to point out that I have heard nothing to date from the police, or from Galway County Council, regarding the information I requested from them in connection with signs (other than mine) which Mr Hoey deals with in the course of his work with Galway County Council. Further information regarding this point can be found in Section A of my letter to you dated September 21st 2002.
I intend to keep in contact with my brother and my half-sister while I am away from Ireland, and consequently the same postal address as before should be used for me (as given below).
Also, I hope to check for e-mails each day at my Eircom e-mail address (also provided below).
Mr. William Finnerty.
POSTAL ADDRESS:  "St Albans", New Inn, Ballinasloe, County Galway, Republic of Ireland.



Some dictionary definitions ...


Adjective:   1. lacking in integrity; open to or involving bribery or other dishonest practices: a corrupt official; improper conduct.   2. morally degenerate and perverted; depraved.   3. putrid or rotten.   4. contaminated; unclean.   5. of a text or manuscript: made meaningless or different in meaning from the original by scribal errors or alterations.
Verb:   6. to become or cause to become dishonest.   7. to debase or become debased morally; deprave; pervert.   8. to infect or contaminate; taint.   9. to cause to become rotten.   10. to alter (a text, file, etc.) from the original.
Origin of word:   from Latin "corruptus": spoiled, from "
corrumpere" to ruin, literally: break to pieces, from "rumpere" to break.


Noun:   1. the act of corrupting or state of being corrupt.   2. moral perversion; depravity.    3. dishonesty, especially bribery.    4. putrefaction or decay. 
5. alteration, as of a manuscript.

People Against Corruption

Signed printed copies of the above e-mail were sent through the registered post on September 28th 2002 to the five addresses shown on the Post Office receipts above.
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