People Against Corruption

In anticipation of the "systemic" State corruption in the Republic of Ireland being treated as a very low-priority (and almost completely taboo) subject in the run-up to the May 17th 2002 General Election, the set-of-three "People Against Corruption" Internet addresses listed below were reserved early last month:

If, after the May 17th 2002 General Election, anybody is interested in forming a group which would like to use one or more of the above three addresses please e-mail:

Some dictionary definitions ...


Adjective:   1. lacking in integrity; open to or involving bribery or other dishonest practices: a corrupt official; improper conduct.   2. morally degenerate and perverted; depraved.   3. putrid or rotten.   4. contaminated; unclean.   5. of a text or manuscript: made meaningless or different in meaning from the original by scribal errors or alterations.
Verb:   6. to become or cause to become dishonest.   7. to debase or become debased morally; deprave; pervert.   8. to infect or contaminate; taint.   9. to cause to become rotten.   10. to alter (a text, file, etc.) from the original.
Origin of word:   from Latin "corruptus": spoiled, from "corrumpere" to ruin, literally: break to pieces, from "rumpere" to break.


Noun:   1. the act of corrupting or state of being corrupt.   2. moral perversion; depravity.    3. dishonesty, especially bribery.    4. putrefaction or decay. 
5. alteration, as of a manuscript.

The Flood Tribunal / Tribunals Untangled /
The main people involved:
Ray Burke, James Gogherty, George Redmond, Padraig Flynn, Tom Gilmartin,
 Oliver Barry, James Stafford, PJ Mara, Dermot Desmond, Frank Dunlop, 
Gay Byrne, Liam Lawlor, Tom Brennan, Joe McGowan. Mr. Justice Feargus Flood.

The Moriarty Tribunal / Tribunals Untangled /
The main people involved:
Charles Haughey, Ben Dunne, Michael Lowry, Mr Justice Michael Moriarty.

Google Search: tribunals+ireland

PAC (People Against Corruption)
PAC (People Against Corruption)

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