Bribery, Corruption, Intimidation, Lies, Bullying, Gangsterism, Spin ...   X  No


Article 28A of Constitution (Republic of Ireland)    / Yes


 Unconstitutional and unlawful alterations to Waste Management Acts    X  No


Aarhus Convention Agreement Principles, Honesty, Truth    / Yes

E-mail text to 9 Galway TDs and 3 Connacht/Ulster MEPs (December 17th 2003)

E-mail text from Environment Protection Agency (December 15th 2003)

E-mail text to 27 Galway County Councillors (December 11th 2003)

E-mail text to 4 East Galway politicians (December 9th 2003)

Receipts for letters sent through registered post to 4 East Galway politicians on December 9th 2003.


Note added on July 22nd 2004

The references in the e-mail below to "Waste Management (Amendment) Act 2002" are the result of statements such as the following sentence in a letter dated December 19th 2003 from Deputy Padraic McCormac TD: "I think this validity was given to him in the Waste Management Amendment Act 2002."

An Internet search carried out today suggests that there is no Waste Management Amendment Act 2002.  Consequently, it is thought that Mr McCormac (and others) may have meant "Waste Management Amendment Act 2001".  Assuming that is the case, all occurrences of the year "2002" in the e-mails below should be read as "2001".

Dear Galway TDs and Connacht MEPs,
I would like you all to please note that in the objection (copied below) which I sent the day before yesterday to the Environment Protection Agency regarding the planned rubbish dump for Kilconnell, I pointed out two separate cases of BRIBERY involving National Toll Roads.
As far as I know, the Government is still allowing National Toll Roads to get away unchallenged regarding BOTH of those bribery matters: which does not seem right to me.  By failing completely to challenge National Toll Roads regarding their bribery activities, it appears to me that the Government is making a very powerful public statement to the effect that: "Bribery and corruption is okay as far as we are concerned".
I have a particular interest in this bribery business because National Toll Roads are (as I see it) very heavily involved in both of the planned rubbish dumps (for New Inn and Kilconnell) which are now scheduled to be located close to my home.  I believe they almost completely own Greenstar (who have been given permission for the Kilconnell dump by Galway County Council), and they are also major participants I understand in the PPP scheme associated with the planned N6 Upgrade road designed to feed the Government superdump scheduled for location at Cross (in the New Inn area). 
Also, and for the reasons already given to the three East Galway TDs listed in the e-mail below (Sent: Tuesday, December 09, 2003 2:11 PM),  I believe that the part of Waste Management (Amendment) Act 2002 which removes all power from local politicians regarding the location of large rubbish dumps in the communities they represent is COMPLETELY in breach of both Article 28A of our Constitution, and the EU Aarhus Convention principles which Ms Margot Wallstrom (EU Commissioner) has been making public statements about for some considerable time now. 
Consequently, I further believe that Waste Management (Amendment) Act 2002 is not worth the paper it is written on: as far VALID law is concerned. The only proper way to decide this now (that I can guess at) is for the Supreme Court to have a good look at the whole situation: which is what I believe President Mary McAleese should have asked them to do in the first place - BEFORE she signed the papers which allowed the Bill in question to ever become the "spurious / bastard law" that it is (in my opinion); and, which Galway County Council, and others, continue to treat as legitimate law. The fact that President McAleese is herself a lawyer, and would know all of this far better than most other people, makes this whole ongoing situation entirely outrageous (in my view).
It would be very much appreciated if you would all carefully consider the contents of this e-mail please, and help out with whatever is needed in the way of corrective action. 
Your sincerely,
Mr William Finnerty.
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----- Original Message -----
From: Wexford Receptionist (Environment Protection Agency)
Sent: Monday, December 15, 2003 4:36 PM
Subject: RE: Article 28A (Republic of Ireland Constitution), & the Aarhus Convention.
Dear Mr Finnerty,
Your correspondence of 15 Dec has been forwarded to the relevant person/office for attention.

Thank you and regards,
Ann Rochford
Environmental Protection Agency,
An Ghniomhaireacht um Chaomhnu Comhshaoil
P.O. Box3 000,
Johnstown Castle Estate,
Co. Wexford, Ireland.
Tel:  00353 53 60600
Fax: 00353 53 60699
-----Original Message-----
From: William Finnerty []
Sent: 15 December 2003 16:29
To: Environment Protection Agency
Cc: Margot Wallstrom (European Union Environment Commissioner)
; William Finnerty (Yahoo); AA2 Self (Hotmail); AA1 Self (Eircom); FriendsOfTheIrishEnvironment(Admin); Friends of the Irish Environment (Tony Lowes); Heritage Council (Ireland); An Taisce; VOICE of Irish Concern for the Environment; Bord Pleanala
Subject: Article 28A (Republic of Ireland Constitution), & the Aarhus Convention.

To: Environment Protection Agency
Re: Objection to Greenstar (Celtic Waste) / National Toll Roads rubbish-dump at Kilconnell, County Galway.
EPA reference: 178-1
Dear Environment Protection Agency,
I wish to object to Greenstar (Celtic Waste) / National Toll Roads being given an EPA licence for a rubbish dump at Kilconnell, County Galway.
For the reasons stated in my e-mail below (sent on Tuesday, December 09, 2003 2:11 PM) to the four East Galway politicians, I believe that the "Waste Management (Amendment) Act 2002" is in breach of Article 28A of the written Constitution of the Republic of Ireland.  Consequently, I further believe that the decision by unelected Galway County Council managers to grant permission to Greenstar for this dump - which COMPLETELY excluded the opposing views and wishes of all the locally elected county councillors in Galway - is not legally valid: by virtue of the fact that this decision depends entirely (for its authority) on Waste Management Amendment Act 2002 being legally valid.
I am also aware of two separate allegations of bribery connected with National Toll Roads (which very largely owns Greenstar, I believe).  One involves Mr P. Lohan, the Chairman of the Kilconnell Anti-Dump Committee (who I believe was offered €50,000 to resign from his job as Chairman); and, the other involves the Flood Tribunal - which I understand found that National Toll Roads bribed a Mr. George Redmond some years ago.
I have already brought the matter of the €50,000 bribe to the attention of Prime Minister Ahern, and requested an investigation into the matter.  Please see:  (I assume Prime Minister Ahern does not need me to inform him about the National Toll Roads bribe to Mr. Redmond: which I gather has been recorded in the Flood Tribunal report.)
Finally, I wish to state that I believe it was COMPLETELY in breach of the EU Aarhus Convention principles to totally exclude local people, and local politicians, from the decision-making process which resulted in Galway County Council managers recently granting permission to Greenstar to locate their rubbish dump in Kilconnell.
Mr William Finnerty.
(Address information can be found below.)
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----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, December 11, 2003 8:44 PM
Subject: [Tara/Skreen] Article 28A (Republic of Ireland Constitution), & the Aarhus Convention.
----- Original Message -----
To: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
Sent: Thursday, December 11, 2003 12:01 PM
Subject: Fw: Article 28A of Irish Constitution, & the Aarhus Convention.
Dear Galway County Councillors,
Following last Monday's sudden announcement that New Inn (where my home is located) has yet AGAIN become the prime target for a HUGE rubbish dump (possibly a SUPERDUMP for the whole of Connacht), it would be much appreciated if you could all please give some consideration to the requests I made below to Deputy Joe Callanan T.D.,  Deputy Paul Connaughton T.D.,  Deputy Paddy McHugh T.D. and Galway County Councillor Michael Mullins at the Kilconnell Anti-Dump Meeting last Monday evening (i.e. December 8th 2003).
Mr William Finnerty.
PS: The list of e-mail addresses I have used above for Galway County Councillors, which I assume is complete and up-to-date, has come from the Internet address immediately below:
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----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, December 09, 2003 2:11 PM
Subject: Article 28A of Irish Constitution, & the Aarhus Convention.
Dear Deputy Callanan T.D.,  Deputy Connaughton T.D.,  Deputy McHugh T.D.,  and Councillor Mullins,
As I mentioned to all four of you at the end of last night's Anti-Dump Meeting in Kilconnell, I have long believed that Waste Management (Amendment) Act 2002 is in breach of Article 28A of the written Constitution of the Republic of Ireland. This is because of the fact that it completely removes all power from the democratically elected local government politicians regarding important local community matters connected with the location of huge rubbish dumps (e.g. those now planned for Kilconnell and New Inn), and instead places it entirely in the hands of UNELECTED County Council managers.
The content of Article 28A (Item 1) of our written Constitution reads as follows: "The State recognises the role of local government in providing a forum for the democratic representation of local communities, in exercising and performing at local level powers and functions conferred by law and in promoting by its initiatives the interests of such communities."
In view of the sudden shock announcement yesterday that New Inn is now the number 1 target for a superdump for Connacht, and as you all stated in public at last night's meeting  that you would be willing to help in any way you could, I would be very grateful if you (and ALL of your political colleagues in local and central government) would now ask to have the constitutionality of Waste Management (Amendment) Act 2002 reviewed please.
With regard to the above request, I am very conscious of the fact that where there is doubt regarding the introduction of a new law, President Mary McAleese (the present guardian of our written Constitution) has at her disposal the very easy option of referring to the Supreme Court for guidance; and, that although former Justice Minister Nora Owen (who was a T.D. at the time) asked in Parliament to have the constitutionality of Waste Management (Amendment) Act checked by the Supreme Court, President McAleese did not do so: for reasons which continue to be a VERY disturbing and growing source of mystery and suspicion for me. 
I would also like to know where Irish politicians stand in regard to the very closely related matter of the Aarhus Convention?  To date, it seems to me that ALL Irish politicians, and ALL of the Irish "mass-media" organisations, are acting as though they never even heard of the Aarhus Convention: even though people like EU Environment Commissioner Margot Wallstrom have been making public statements about this EXTREMELY important set of social and environmental principles for some considerable time now? 
General information regarding the Aarhus Convention can be found at:
In the most recent public statement I have seen attributed to Ms Wallstrom on the Aarhus Convention, I find it very interesting that she has used the word "now" in the following sentence: "Citizens will NOW be able to act as environmental watchdogs!"  The full context of Ms Wallstrom's sentence can be seen at:  
How, I wonder, can we function effectively as environmental watchdogs if the democratically elected politicians we vote for have all their relevant power and authority removed by laws such as Waste Management (Amendment) Act 2002?   
I look forward to hearing from you regarding the above two matters (i.e. Article 28A and the Aarhus Convention):  both of which I see as being COMPLETELY above party politics.
Yours sincerely,
Mr William Finnerty.
Postal address:
"St Albans"
New Inn
County Galway.
PS: For future reference, I intend to place a copy of this e-mail at the following Internet location later today:
Also, the problem with the Waste Management (Amendment) Act has already been brought to the attention of the European Parliament.  Please see:
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