The European Union Court of Justice

Maladministration Problems

(Relating to Item 1, Article 41, of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.)


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Sent by:
William Finnerty <>

To: European Court of Justice Information Service < >

CC: Amnesty International Headquarters <>,
UK Department of Social Security Minister
(Mr Andrew Smith <>, <>, <>, Mrs Tony Blair <>, <, Republic of Ireland Law Firm <>, <>,, Joseph Rowntree Foundation <>, <>, Shrewsbury MP (Mr Paul Marsden) <>, EU Chairman of Petitions (Mr Gemelli) <>, Republic of Ireland Director of Public Prosecutions (Mr James Hamilton) <> Republic of Ireland Justice Minister (Mr Michael McDowell) <>, UK Citizens Advice Bureaux Headquarters <>,, (Commissioner Pat Byrne, Republic of Ireland Chief of Police <>, Irish Police (Western Region) <>,, London Police <>, UK Law Firm <>,,,,

Subject: EU Court of Justice information request (EU reference: Petition 809/2001)

Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 14:35:12 +0000

The Information Service
The European Union Court of Justice
L-2925 Luxembourg.

European Union reference number: Petition 809/2001 (Mr Gemelli).

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am experiencing major problems connected with maladministration which (as I see it) are grossly in breach of the "right to good administration" principle set out in Item 1, under Article 41 of the European Union Charter on Fundamental Rights.

From my viewpoint, the maladministration problems in question are associated with individual people, and with various bodies in the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom, and within the European Union administration itself.

I would very much like to have the set of maladministration problems in question brought before the European Union Court of Justice please. However, there is at present a huge obstacle in the way of I doing so: and this has to do with the fact that I am finding it EXTREMELY difficult to find a human-rights lawyer willing to undertake the necessary work on my behalf.

In circumstances where I am finding it impossible to locate a lawyer willing to help me, I now find myself wondering if it would be possible for me to initiate the necessary EU Court of Justice proceedings myself ? - for either the EU Court of Justice, or, for the EU Court of First Instance. (In case there might be any doubt about it, please note that I am not a lawyer.)

Much of the evidence I hold regarding the maladministration problems I have been struggling with for the past FOUR YEARS or so can be seen by following the links on the front pages of the two Internet web site addresses provided at the end of this text. (For technical reasons, the web site is the most up-to-date of the two sites at the present time.)

My last letter on the maladministration subject to Mr Gemelli (Chairman of the European Union Committee on Petitions) was sent to him by registered post on September 7th 2002.  Please note that, to date, I have not received ANY reply from him (or from any of those who were sent copies). A copy of the text of this particular letter to Mr Gemelli, together with five associated Post Office registered letter receipts, can be seen at www page address:

Earlier today I copied the main part of the text of this letter to the www page address provided immediately below - which has TRANSLATION facilities for several European Union languages:

Later today, I intend to send a printed (and signed) copy of this e-mail to you through the post to the following address:
      The Information Service,
         Cour de justice des Communautés européennes,
            L-2925 Luxembourg. 
(Royal Mail "Swiftair" receipt number: LX 6549 4238 3GB.)

I would be very grateful if you could send your answer to the question I have raised above (in paragraph 4) to both of my following two e-mail addresses please:  and

Thanking you in anticipation of your help.


William Patrick Finnerty.

Web Site 1:
Web Site 2:






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 Royal Mail receipt for letter posted to EU Court of Justice on January 30th 2003:

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