E-mail dated December 17th 2002 to Andrew Smith MP
(UK Government Minister in charge of Social Security Services)


William Finnerty <billyfinnerty1945@hotmail.com>

To: andrewsmith.mp@virgin.net (Government Minister in charge of UK Social Security Services)

CC: information@amnesty.org.uk, info@amnesty.iol.ie, envinfo@cec.eu.int, general@shrewsbury.gov.uk, info@postwatch.co.uk, Linda.Moan@postwatch.co.uk, marsdenp@parliament.uk, MINISTER@environ.irlgov.ie, nicola.simpson@nacab.org.uk, Peter.Grant@jobcentreplus.gov.uk, comstaff@iol.ie, agswr@iol.ie, commissioner@met.police.uk, scottlister@btclick.com, info@anpost.ie, Tracy.Gonzales@postwatch.co.uk, winchestercab@care4free.net

Subject: DSS Appeal, and present whereabouts of letter to you dated November 21st 2002 ?

Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 16:19:08 +0000

Mr. Andrew Smith MP
(Minister in Charge of UK Social Security Services)
House of Commons
London  SW1A OAA

Local Government (Shrewsbury and Atcham Borough Council) reference:

Dear Minister Smith,

Please find below a copy of the text of a letter I sent yesterday to Ms Patricia Page (Appeals Officer 1809) at the Department of Social Security office in Shrewsbury. I feel the content of the text is self-explanatory, and it appears (in full) between the “=” symbols further down. I would be very grateful to you if you would please take careful note of the information it contains.

Put in a nutshell, my overall difficulty seems to be that, as an individual, I (like many other ordinary European Union citizens) am systematically and unlawfully being deprived of certain VERY important benefits and protections provided for me in law:  by elitist groups who are putting themselves above the law.  Much evidence of this can now found by looking in the Internet page addresses provided in the text I sent to Ms Edge yesterday.

With reference to the ongoing (and sickening) problem of certain very arrogant and selfish types of people putting themselves above the law, I did some research on this crucially important matter in the run-up to the General Election in the Republic of Ireland last May.  Some of the results I found can now be read at the following www page address:

I have written to you before (using your House of Commons address) on November 21 2002 about the matters in question. As I have heard nothing at all from you, it now seems to me that you must NOT have received my letter (?).

Please note that my letter to you dated November 21 2002 was insured for consequential loss of £10,000.

I have tried to find out about my earlier letter to you by using the Royal Mail Internet tracking service. However (and unusually), the results it produced in this particular case are far too vague to be of any use to me. The printout I have taken off the Internet just states: “Your item with reference SU476478009GB has been delivered”.  It gives no indication of WHEN it was delivered, WHO (if anybody) it was delivered to, or WHERE it was delivered.

Allowing for the vagueness related in the paragraph immediately above, I now need to decide whether or not to seek compensation from the Royal Mail/Post Office for the £10,000 consequential loss the Special Delivery letter in question was insured for.  Consequently, it be much appreciated if you could let me know (as soon as possible please) whether or not you have received my letter to you of November 21 2002 ?

Later today I intend to send you a printed copy of this e-mail; and on it I will write in by hand the temporary address I am at present staying at in Shrewsbury. I would be very grateful if you could send your written reply (regarding my letter to you of November 21 2002) to my temporary address in Shrewsbury please.



Mr William Finnerty.

Printed copy of this e-mail to:
Mr Paul Marsden (Member of Parliament for Shrewsbury)


Ms Patricia Edge
Appeals Officer 1809
Department of Social Security
Monkmoor Road

December 16 2002

Dear Ms Edge,

Thank you for your letter dated December 12 2002.

I am unable to provide you with the letter from Social Security Minister Andrew Smith which you require. Though I wrote to Minister Smith (as you will know) on November 21 2002, I have not heard anything at all from him to date. Consequently, I do not know if he has even received my letter ?

A copy of the Royal Mail receipt for my letter of November 21 2002 to Minister Smith has recently been placed at the following Internet www page address:

In the interests of trying to make some useful progress, I now wish you and your colleagues to press ahead with my appeal on the assumption that Minister Smith would not wish to act as my representative.

Mindful of my DSS appeal, I recently published an Internet page titled: “A Catalogue of State Sponsored Legal and Psychological Abuse” at the following Internet www page address:

Please note also that there are backup copies at:

ForumIreland www page address (published on Dec 7th 2002):

Indymedia (Worldwide) www page address (published on Dec 7th 2002):

eircom.net/~williamfinnerty www page address (published on Dec 13th 2002):

I would be very grateful if you would please ensure that the Appeals Service is FULLY aware of this letter when you make your final submission to them regarding my case.

Sometime within the coming few days I intend to e-mail a copy of the text of this letter to Minister Andrew Smith.

For the purpose of keeping him informed, I also intend to provide Dr. Maurice (Riverside Surgery) with a copy of this letter. Assuming I understood him correctly when I spoke with him at his surgery last Friday, there is at present a NINE MONTH waiting list for the professional counselling which both he and I feel I should be receiving in connection with the difficulties referred to above.

As I pointed out to Dr. Maurice some weeks ago, I believe my present need for professional counselling (for reactive depression) would rapidly disappear if I could find a competent and suitably experienced lawyer who would take on my case. While I can find thousands of lawyers willing to help me go along with State corruption, and (in effect) to kowtow to it, I have not (so far) been able to find even ONE who will help me to stand up to it.

I feel I should point out – and perhaps STRESS - that the reactive depression I tend to suffer from did (as my medical records should show) turn very suicidal (for a period of some weeks) in the mid 1990s. As I trust you will understand, a major source of concern for me at present is that this state of mind may suddenly return at any time: as a direct result of the wholly avoidable State sponsored abuse I am at present being subjected to.

Although I have written to the “human rights” organisation Amnesty International UK to seek help from them, I STILL do not know if they received my letter (and the CD ROM evidence it contained) of October 14 2002.  Similarly with regard to the very closely associated letter I sent to The London Metropolitan Police Service on October 26 2002.  Copies of the Royal Mail receipts for these two letters can now also be see at the http://www.finnachta.com/8Dec2002.htm  page address given above.

Thanking you in anticipation of any further help you may be able to let me have.



Mr William Finnerty

Temporary address:

c/o ****** ***
***** ****** *****
*** ***

Permanent address:
"St Albans"
New Inn
County Galway
Republic of Ireland.

Copy to:  Dr. Maurice (Riverside Surgery, Shrewsbury).




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