" The right of every person to be heard, ..."
(Item 2
, Article 41, of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.)

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Sent by:
William Finnerty <billyfinnerty1945@hotmail.com>

To:  UK Department of Social Security Minister (Mr. Andrew Smith)  <andrewsmith.mp@virgin.net>

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Subject: The right to be heard.

Date: Sat, 08 Feb 2003 14:57:37 +0000

Dear Minister Smith,

I would be very grateful if you would please take careful note of the contents of the letter reproduced below to Mr Coughlin (which I believe are self-explanatory).


Mr William Finnerty.


February 8th 2003

Mr. P. Coughlin
Personal Advisor
Princess House
17-19 The Square

Dear Mr Coughlin,

Thank you for your help yesterday.

As I pointed out to you, I have no recollection of anybody connected with the Department of Social Security ever informing me that I may be able to claim for sickness benefit (until you mentioned it to me yesterday).

It is certainly the case that I was suffering badly from depression when I approached the Moonkmoor Road DSS Office for help on October 31 last; and, I made it clear to all concerned (from the very outset) that I felt completely unable to work because of it.

At that particular time (i.e. October 31st 2002), I was struggling with the then newly arrived difficulty that CD ROMs I had sent to Amnesty International, and to the London Police – all containing irrefutable evidence of some extremely serious maladministration type problems - had apparently disappeared into thin air. (Please note that though the letter sent to the police was insured for consequential loss of £10000, I have not to date received ANY compensation from Royal Mail or the Post Office.)

A very serious problem for me is that when I try to communicate the difficulties regarding the depression I am suffering to the DSS, it is invariably the case that I am presented with a barrage of very glib statements in response: which leaves me feeling I am not being heard. To the very best of my knowledge, this kind of response is completely in breach of Item 2, under Article 41, of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union: and consequently unlawful.

As far as I know, the depression I am experiencing is entirely connected with the overall set of maladministration problems I have attempted to outline using lists on the front pages of the two web site addresses provided below. Consequently, and by definition, the problem I have with depression is not likely to leave me until such time as I have found a competent lawyer who is willing to help me to protect myself against the bad consequences of state maladministration.

I feel I should point out that, because the depression I am suffering has been diagnosed as “reactive” (as opposed to endogenous), my GP (Dr Maurice) is not willing to proscribe brain drugs of any kind for me.

Consequently, it seems that I will have to live with the physical and psychological consequences of the depression I am suffering until such time as the set of maladministration problems I am struggling with is attended to in a lawful manner. The only way I can see this happening now - at this late stage - is to have my case brought before the European Union Court of Justice.

While it is still my intention to go to the Jobcentre to “sign on” on February 13 2003, I will not (for the reasons stated above) be able to make the declaration that I am actively looking for work: unless I have by then secured the legal help I need. In case I have not secured it, I would be very grateful if you would please have my case reviewed before then: with due regard for the medical problems I have related above.

I will take a copy of this letter with me to the Jobcentre on February 13th 2003, and I will also e-mail a copy of the text to the government minister responsible for the UK Department of Social Security (Mr Andrew Smith).


Mr. William Finnerty.

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Copy to: Dr Jacques Maurice (Riverside Medical Practice, Shrewsbury).



A printed copy of the above e-mail was also sent to the
UK Appeals Service (Birmingham)
 on February 11th 2003: together with a covering note.







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