Paul Marsden MP
Item 1, Article 41 of EU Charter on Fundamental Rights

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To:  Paul Marsden M.P. <>

Sent by: William Finnerty  <>

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Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 10:56:52 +0000

Mr Paul Marsden MP for Shrewsbury (Liberal Democrat Shadow Health Minister)
House of Commons
London SW1A OAA

Dear Mr Marsden,

Thank you for your letter (and enclosures) dated January 6th 2003, and for your efforts - which I greatly appreciate.

I feel dismayed by the way the people connected with the Department of Social Security have handled my several requests for help to date. The matter which disturbs and distresses me most is the way they keep on ignoring the fact that a WARRANT  FOR  MY  ARREST  has been issued in the Republic of Ireland (which is where the ONLY home I own is located).

I first approached the Department of Social Security in Shrewsbury (Monkmoor Road Office) on October 31st 2002 for help relating to the overall set of problems I was having at the time with State corruption.

I still need help with this same set of problems: and, with regard to some aspects, more so now than I did on October 31st 2002.

Much of the evidence I hold regarding the State corruption problems I have been struggling with for the past four years or so can be seen by following the links on the front pages of the two Internet web site addresses provided below. (For technical reasons, the web site is the most up-to-date of the two sites at the present time.)

I would ask all those involved to please take note of the EXTENT and depth of the political and legal CORRUPTION problems in question, and to let me known if any of you can provide me with any form of meaningful practical help for dealing with them. I wish to stress that I have long believed that this collection of problems is FAR in excess of what any one person could successfully defend themselves against on their own; and, that the longer I am left to struggle on my own, the worse it is for me.
I would also like to point out to all concerned that ITEM 1 under ARTICLE 41 of the CHARTER OF FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS OF THE EUROPEAN UNION clearly states: "Every person has the right to have his or her affairs handled impartially, fairly and within a reasonable time by the institutions and bodies of the Union."  (In case there might be any doubt about it, and although it does not feel remotely like it, I am nevertheless legally a FULL citizen of the European Union.)

With reference to the paragraph immediately above, I wish all concerned to know that I have already sought help from the Chairman of the European Union/Parliament Committee on Petitions (Mr Gemelli) in an e-mail letter (backed up by a signed printed copy I sent to him through the registered post on September 7th 2002).  To date, I have not received ANY reply from him (or from any of those who were sent copies). A copy of the text of this letter, together with five associated Post Office registered letter receipts, can be seen at www page address:

Later today I intend to send you a printed (and signed) copy of this e-mail to you through the post to your House of Commons address.


William Finnerty.

Web Site 1:
Web Site 2:

Copy to:  Dr Jacques Maurice (Riverside Medical Practice).






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A printed copy of the above e-mail was sent to Mr Paul Marsden MP on January 23rd 2003 to his House of Commons address. As can be seen on the scanned copy of the Royal Mail receipt below, the reference number for the "Recorded Delivery" letter in question is:

RE 2877 3369 6GB


 Royal Mail receipt for letter posted to Mr Paul Marsden MP on January 23rd 2003:






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