Urgent enquires initiated by Deputy Bernard J. Durkan TD 


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Subject :  "Urgent enquires initiated ... " by Deputy Bernard J. Durkan TD

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Sent: Thursday, September 23, 2004 11:29 PM
Subject: Urgent enquires initiated (by well established politician)
Dear Bernard,
I am genuinely very grateful to you for the action you have taken on my behalf regarding the urgent enquiries you have initiated in connection with the review of the Connaught Waste Management Plan e-mail I sent to the Oireachtas Members on September 15th 2004.  (Copy at http://www.finnachta.com/Hotmail15Sept2004/OireachtasMembers.htm)
Changing the subject slightly, but with due regard for the above mentioned e-mail, I feel I have to point out to you that I am shocked and appalled by the way Enda Kenny keeps on - and on - and on - praising President Mary McAleese to the roof (via the media).  Has he taken leave of his senses I wonder?
Anyway, I think he is making a complete fool of himself; and, as can be seen below, I am trying to do something about this amazing situation.  I feel similarly about Pat Rabbitte.  In the faint hope that they might both stop what they are at, and with a heavy heart, I am copying this e-mail to both of them - while there is still time to have a presidential election.
Putting party politics, for the most part an outdated and sickening form of childish tribalism as I see it, above Bunreacht na hEireann, is a shocking and unforgivable mistake I believe.  Personally, I can't think of any greater blunder for a Republic of Ireland politician to make.
Consider the enormous cost of getting to the point where we eventually managed to get a written Constitution of our own?  Consider the centuries of struggle; the lakes of blood; the mountains of suffering.  Was all of that for nothing? - something to be trivialised, and just laughed away in exchange for such things as superdumps and incinerators (which could be avoided), and for toll roads which demean our most important heritage sites?
I, for one, am far more interested in having the benefit of my legal rights under the Constitution of the Republic of Ireland than I am of seeing Fine Gael or the Labour Party (or some combination of the two) in power.  In fact, I could not care less which party is in power, as long as I, together with all of the other citizens of this State, have the benefits and protection of the primary law embedded in our written Constitution - which President Mary McAleese, and several others who should know better, appear to be making a sick joke of. 
Thanks again for your help.  I wish there were more politicians like you.
Yours sincerely,
William Finnerty.
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The e-mail text sent yesterday to AN  BORD  PLEANALA (Republic of Ireland Planning Authority) - together with the associated MSN (Microsoft) MESSAGE  IDENTIFICATION  &  TRACKING  information - has now been placed at the following two Internet addresses:
Anybody concerned about the different kinds of "I  DIDN'T  KNOW  ABOUT  IT" guile (guile as in " treachery / duplicity / cunning / trickery / spin / etc. "), which many of the politicians seem to use so frequently, may wish to copy one or other of the above pages electronically, or make a printed copy perhaps.
My hope is that the information at the above pages will also help with the forms of guile closely associated with censorship - the kinds which support corruption that is.
PLEASE  NOTE:  I don't know how long either of the above two pages will be on the Internet for.

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Deputy Bernard J Durkan TD



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