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    "network of INSIDIOUS people"  


(European Parliament Reference: Petition Number 809/2001)

  Some dictionary definitions:
(adjective): 1. stealthy, subtle, cunning, or treacherous. 2. Working in a subtle or apparently innocuous way, but nevertheless deadly.
From Latin
insidiosus - cunning,  from insidiae - an ambush,  from insidere - to sit in.
Sent: Saturday, June 29, 2002 1:23 PM
Subject: Fw: "network of insidious people" (European Parliament Reference: Petition Number 809/2001)

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Cc: Secretariat of Mr Gemelli (EU Committee on Petitions) ; Council of Europe Directorate General of Legal Affairs ; Executive Secretary of GRECO (Mr Manuel Lezertua) ; Secretarial Assistant (Mrs Marie-Rose) ; Irish Government Ombudsman ; European Parliament Ombudsman ; European Union Environment Commissioner Margot Wallstrom ; Margot Wallstrom (European Union Environment Commissioner) ; Mr Helmut Betz (Directorate-general for the European Parliament Presidency) ; Rosemary Scallon (Member of European Parliament) ; Joe McCartin (Member of European Parliament) ; Pat The Cope Gallagher (Member of European Parliament) ; Police Commissioner Pat Byrne (Chief Officer, Garda Siochana) ; Assistant Police Commissioner (Galway area) ; William Finnerty (Yahoo) ; William Finnerty (Eircom a/c) ; Liam O'Finnachta (finnachta.com) ; Billy Finnerty (MSN Hotmail) ; Finnachta (Eircom a/c)
Sent: Friday, June 28, 2002 12:42 PM
Subject: "network of insidious people" (European Parliament Reference: Petition Number 809/2001)
Dear Ms Flynn,
Thank you for the e-mail you sent to me yesterday (copy reproduced below).
For reasons that are unclear to me, keeping in mind all of the information which I have gradually added to two of my web sites over the past few years, it seems to me that your perception of the difficulties relating to Petition 809/2001 remains greatly over-simplified. 
The two web site addresses referred to in the paragraph above are:
WEB SITE 1:   http://homepage.eircom.net/~williamfinnerty/
WEB SITE 2:   www.finnachta.com
As you will know from your own records - or those of mine which appear on the Internet - I have tried on numerous occasions (using e-mails) to attract your attention to the efforts that are being made to resolve the difficulties connected with Petition 809/20021.
Also, and again I am unsure as to why this is, it seems that you possibly have the false impression that I have unlimited time and money to spend on matters relating to Petition 809/2001; and that I can (somehow???) afford to keep going around and around in circles indefinitely from one government department to another collecting excuses (as I see them) as to why - for this reason or that (and always MY fault it seems) - they cannot help.
In an effort to try and deal (as efficiently as I can allowing for the limited amount of time and money available to me in connection with Petition 809/2001 matters) with the over-simplification problem referred to in paragraph 2 above, I have copied below a private e-mail (with names blotted out) that I sent yesterday to somebody I used to know years ago, and who now lives near Boston. The person in question contacted me fairly recently in connection with the possibility of getting himself involved with the restoration of what is an EXTREMELY important set of local heritage sites known collectively as "Woodlawn House". 
It would be greatly appreciated if you and your colleagues - particularly the Ombudsman (whose name I do not know) - would take very careful note of the fact that Woodlawn House continues to be left in a state of more or less total neglect (to the very best of my knowledge).  Woodlawn House is just a few miles from where I live, and as I write it is literally falling to pieces (helped at times I am told by thieves and vandals): despite the fact that a representative of The Heritage Council (architect Ms Mary Hanna) visited Woodlawn House on Thursday October 18th 2001, and that she immediately afterwards met with several members of the Friends Of Woodlawn House Group - and related to them (in no uncertain terms) that she felt Woodlawn House was definitely worth trying to save.  Further and more detailed information regarding this particular matter, which is just ONE of SEVERAL local issues raised so far in connection with Petition 809/2001, can be seen at the following www page address:
Allowing for what has been pointed out above, I would be very grateful if you and your colleagues at the Republic of Ireland Ombudsman's Office would consider leaving my file open please: until the European Parliament has fully dealt with Petition 809/2001.
Mr William Finnerty.
"St Albans"
New Inn
County Galway
Republic of Ireland.

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To: "William Finnerty" <wfinnerty@eircom.net>
Sent: Thursday, June 27, 2002 11:07 AM
Subject: Petition 809/2001>
> Dear Mr Finnerty,
> I refer to your most recent email to this office concerning the above mentioned
> Petition to the European Commission. I note the fact that  it has decided to
> examine your petition.
> As you know, I have previously advised you that this Office can only examine a
> complaint if you have taken the matter up with the relevant body and it has
> failed to address your concerns.  I have asked you to supply copies of
> correspondence with Duchas or the Department of  Arts, Heritage, Gaeltacht and
> the Islands and  to date you have failed to do so.  Therefore, it has been
> decided to close your file in this Office until such time as some evidence of
> your having taken the matter up with the body concerned is provided.
> Yours sincerely,
> Phyllis Flynn
> On behalf of the Ombudsman.
> 27 June, 2002.

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To: ******** ******
Sent: Thursday, June 27, 2002 10:23 AM
Subject: Fw: "network of insidious people"

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To: **** ****** 
Cc: ***** ****** ; **** ******* ; ******* / ***** *****
Sent: Thursday, June 27, 2002 10:21 AM
Subject: Fw: "network of insidious people"

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To: ***** **** *******  
Sent: Thursday, June 27, 2002 10:17 AM
Subject: "network of insidious people"

Thank you for the additional ideas you have sent regarding Woodlawn House.
Sometime over the coming weekend I intend to combine the ideas you have related to me on this subject, and forward them to some of the other people who I know are keen to see Woodlawn House restored - and who are very loosely grouped under the "Friends Of Woodlawn House" (FOWH) banner. To begin with, I will leave out your contact information.  Later, and assuming that there are signs of significant interest from other members of the group regarding your ideas, it should (I think) be possible for me to put you in direct contact with most of them.
In the meantime, I believe it might help if you were to familiarise yourself a little with a problem which I seem to keep bumping into: TIME, AFTER TIME, AFTER TIME in connection with local community matters generally.  I believe this is particularly important if you (or friends and acquaintances of yours in the Boston area) were ever to start thinking of getting anyway deeply involved in the Woodlawn House restoration project.
To save myself some time, and although certain parts of it are not at all relevant to Woodlawn House, I am simply going to copy an e-mail I sent yesterday to my cousin ******* ******* who lives in New Zealand. His mother and my father were brother and sister. Though it is unlikely that you would have ever met him I think (because he left Ireland many years ago), you almost certainly will remember several close relatives of his I believe. He is a brother of ***** and ******* - and both had several children who attended the primary school in New Inn. Also, the youngest member of their family (named *******) has lived in Boston for several years. Last but not least, *****'s wife (who is still alive and lives next door to my home in New Inn) is ******* *****'s aunt, and ******* ***** (as you may already know) is the present owner of Woodlawn House.
One final point: the "network of insidious people" I have referred to below, seems to be larger in number and greater in strength than anything I have come across before (at close quarters anyway), and it appears to be tightly and powerfully linked all the way from the parish-pumps, right up to Árus an Uachtaráin (official residence of the President of the Republic of Ireland).

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To: ******* ******* (New Zealand)   
Sent: Wednesday, June 26, 2002 9:47 PM
Subject: Fw: 1.2 Billion >>> Fw: Summer Solstice (June 21st 2002)

As far as I know, the IR£10,000,000 fine THREAT is not a misprint.  Although I have not looked into it carefully, I suspect that there is a valid need for such laws (and associated threats) - as in situations where there might be a requirement to deter and prevent the bigger type of "cowboy" developers and construction companies from taking huge liberties. However, there was no large construction involved in our case; just a gallon or so of paint and a few other bits and pieces totalling well under IR£100. 
Like all countries I know of, we here in Ireland have own network of insidious people who will use (and abuse) anything available to them, including the law, for their own selfish purposes. The big problem for them with my sign (I think) that is that it contains the address of a web site which carries information they would like to keep hidden from the general public, and which the traditional media outlets here normally do keep hidden (for the most part). 
Part of my most recent response to these insidious people is included further down this page, and basically it is an inexpensive attempt to try and show them up to as many people as possible (for as long as possible) all over the world. Note the figure of "1.2 billion" that appears a few times below: all be it a little bit off the mark and out by the side of things. It would be much better if it said 1.2 billion MEMBERS - instead of 1.2 billion RECORDS.  Still, my hope is that the very sight of such big numbers might unsettle them a little.
I have often found that such people very quickly quit their bullying behaviour when they know that they are being watched. It remains to be seen what they will do on this occasion. One thing is definite just now though: the www.finnachta.com sign is still there on the wall (because I have not removed it). 
You will see as well that I have openly copied the information below to myself several times.  What is probably less obvious is that some of the computer addresses I have used are amongst the most secure and most tamper-free that the world has to offer: which means that there is very strong evidence sitting there to help prove (if needs be at a later date) that they were told, and that they do know about what is going on.  Part of their disgusting dishonesty and trickery is to say "they didn't know because nobody told them; and that if they had known they definitely would have done something about it; but, how could they do anything if they didn't know anything?" - and so on, and on, with all their lies and their seemingly endless nonsense. 
In case you might be wondering, I genuinely do not know exactly how many people would receive the e-mail I sent to the "FINNERTY-L@rootsweb.com address.  I know from the response I get though that the number must be fairly large, and that there is a good spread on it as far as reaching different parts of the world is concerned.  (One of those who contacted me in the past is a commercial fisherman from the New Zealand branch of the "Finnerty" group. He spells his name in a different way though - **********, if I remember rightly.)
We are having another bad summer here. There is hardly a day that it does not rain.  The good thing is though that we get sunny spells almost every day as well, together with some nice fresh breezes.  I often go for long walks through the woods (sometimes near Gortlemon) with a little abandoned dog I came across some time ago.  She's mad about chasing birds, and never gives up trying her heart out even though they are much too fast for her.
I saw one small account of one of the hammerings the Irish Rugby team got.  Could it be they are not rightly used to playing upside down I wonder?  It has to put them at a serious disadvantage I'd nearly say?
I never saw your book. You mentioned it a few times while you were writing it, but I did not know that it was now in circulation. The next time I'm in Galway I'll ask in one of the bookshops.  I'd love to read it.
Gerald and Margie seem to be okay.  I did not tell them about the IR£10,000,000 fine threat until after I received written confirmation from the police saying they had received my letter to them of June 14th 2002.  (As mentioned below in the "<<<PRESS RELEASE>>>" section there is a scanned copy of this police letter now on my web site.)
Regards to all,

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From: "William Finnerty" <wfinnerty@eircom.net>
To: "William Finnerty (Yahoo)" <newinngalway@yahoo.co.uk>; "William Finnerty (Eircom a/c)" <wfinnerty@eircom.net>; "Liam O'Finnachta (finnachta.com)" <finnachta@finnachta.com>; "Billy Finnerty (MSN Hotmail)" <billyfinnerty1945@hotmail.com>; "Finnachta (Eircom a/c)" <finnachta@eircom.net>
Sent: Sunday, June 23, 2002 12:03 PM
Subject: 1.2 Billion >>> Fw: Summer Solstice (June 21st 2002)  >>> OWN RECORDS <<<

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> > Sent: Friday, June 21, 2002 1:34 PM
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> > The text of an e-mail dated June 20th 2002 from the Secretariat of the
> > European Ombudsman can now be viewed at the first www page address
>>  provided below. The page also contains a link to a scanned copy of a letter dated
> > June 19th 2002 from the Republic of Ireland Police.
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