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Thank you for your comments Mr C******.

I take the view that the "State sponsored legal and psychological abuse" I have mentioned in my letter to Dr Maurice plays a MAJOR role in (among many other things) the kind of avoidable damage that the environment is being subjected to - and that consequently this extremely important issue is right at the very centre of Green Party affairs: or should be.


William Finnerty.
_____________________ wrote:

What the f*** are you on? This is a Green Party discussion list. Not the 'records office of your brain'. If you want to use it as that, don't. Go find some other list. I guarantee you a majority of people here will block your email address eventually. E*** C******.


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Subject: Dr Maurice
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Subject: Dr Maurice
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 14:13:25 +0000


Dr Maurice was very supportive on Monday and expressed the view that I did a wise thing to seek counselling regarding the difficulties I am struggling with.

Also, he obviously had read much more of the text than the two minutes worth I had asked him to - which I feel is an encouraging sign.

As it happens, Dr Maurice and his colleagues at the surgery are at present in the process of setting up a counselling service; and (as I understand it) I am to be contacted again sometime in the coming few days by the professional counsellor they have recently engaged.

Thank you for your interest, and I hope you will always feel free to ask about things in the way you have done.



PS: In case you might be concerned, the scoffing remarks are to a large extent like water off a duck's back to me - mostly because I often feel that they reveal MUCH more about the person making them than they do about me. Also, and despite my difficulties, I have not (so far) ever felt any wish to be able to swap places with any of those concerned - not by a very long way!

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Subject: Re: [nature-irl] Fw: For the attention of PJ Matthews (your ref: FINWPM00)
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 16:57:56 -0000
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Dear Billy,

Can you divulge the results of your meeting on Monday with Dr. Maurice which I trust took place successfully?

While others may scoff at your series of misfortunes I for one find them fascinating.



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Subject: For the attention of PJ Matthews (your ref: FINWPM00)
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2002 13:31:54 +0000

P J Matthews
Central Services
Shrewsbury & Atcham Borough Council
24 Castle Street

Your reference: FINWPM00

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your letter dated November 28 2002.

I have not been in contact with your office recently because my attempts to get help from the Department of Social Security ran into major difficulties - in that the DSS in Shrewsbury formally decided (and informed me) they could not provide me with ANY practical help at all. (Please note that before they reached this decision, I had already handed them several printed copies of recent e-mails in support of my statements relating to State corruption.)

I formally appealed yesterday against the DSS decision (using their GL24 form), and my letter addressed to DSS Manager Mrs L McMinn (Shrewsbury Office) was sent to her by Recorded Delivery (Royal Mail reference: RE 267570910GB).

I also wrote to DSS Minister Andrew Smith MP on November 21 2002, and the Special Delivery letter in question (insured for consequential loss of £10,000 with the Royal Mail reference number SU476478009GB) should have reached his House of Commons address before 1 pm on November 22 2002.

In addition, I have also sought help from a local GP (at the Riverside Surgery) in connection with the mental anguish I am at present suffering. The text of my letter to him of November 27 2002 (Recorded Delivery reference RE 267570530GB) reads as follows (in the section between the = symbols below):


November 27 2002

Dear Dr Maurice,

I recently registered at your Surgery and I have an appointment to see you at 10.20 am on Monday December 2 2002.

For a lengthy period of time now (in the region of four years) I have been under considerable psychological pressure relating to legal matters.

Though there appears to be no GOOD reason for it, so far my attempts to resolve the core problem (which is NOT of my making) seem to have only resulted in the production of bigger and bigger problems for myself.

Things have now got to the stage where I feel I need to look for some good quality professional counselling to help me cope with the growing psychological strain I am experiencing.

For the purpose of trying to very briefly outline the core legal problem to you I am including copies of two recent letters (one to Minister Andrew Smith M.P. dated November 21 2002 and the other to the Royal Mail dated November 26 2002) on which I have highlighted four short pieces of text marked 1 to 4 - and which can easily be read in two minutes or so.

I would be very grateful to you if you could please read the four pieces of text referred to above and let me know when I see you on December 2nd if you can arrange some professional counselling that might help me to cope with my present difficulties: which, as I see it, includes some seriously damaging forms of State sponsored legal and psychological abuse.


Mr William Finnerty.


Some of the large amount of evidence of State corruption I hold was sent to the London Metropolitan Police Service on October 26 2002 (by Special Delivery post) on a CD ROM named "Oct 14 2002". They have told me they did not receive it, and the main reason they have not received is (I believe) because the evidence it contains really is irrefutable: and the perpetrators and supporters of State corruption directly involved in my particular problems do not (in my view) have a leg to stand on - either inside or outside a court of law.

Consequently, the only means those concerned have of protecting themselves is to act as if my CD ROM evidence of State corruption does not exist; and, they appear to have no qualms whatsoever about the very serious difficulties this generates for me: even though some of those concerned are paid from taxpayers money to prevent crimes of the type I am trying to defend myself against.

I wish you to know that some weeks ago I sought help from two Shrewsbury law firms ("The Law Shop", and "Scott Lister") whose names appeared on a list given to me by the Shrewsbury Citizens Advice Bureau. Both firms seemed to feel they would be unable to help: despite the irrefutable evidence of State corruption I was in a position to supply them with. Neither firm even asked to see the "Oct 14 2002" CD ROM evidence which I took with me to their offices.

Further background information relating to my battle with State corruption - stretching back over the past four years or so that it has now been going on for - can be found by following either of the two hypertext Internet links provided below at the very end of this e-mail.

Later today I intend to send a printed copy of this e-mail to you through the Recorded Delivery post.

Among other things, and as I see it, the crystal clear (and irrefutable) evidence of State corruption I hold should - from a purely technical viewpoint - make it VERY easy for a competent lawyer to defend me, and to protect my legal interests: if, in practice, I could find one willing to take on the job that is. Finding such a lawyer remains my TOP PRIORITY, and any help (direct or indirect) you or anyone else reading this e-mail might be able to provide me with would be very much appreciated.

Thanking you in anticipation of any further help you might be able to let me have.


William Finnerty

Temporary address:
c/o ****** ***
***** ****** *****
*** ***

Permanent address:
"St Albans"
New Inn
County Galway
Republic of Ireland.


Background information regarding my four year struggle with State corruption is now available through the ForumIreland Internet www page address:

There is also a backup copy at the following Indymedia (Worldwide) Web Site page location:






Published on November 28 2002
Please see:

Forum Ireland Web Site page address:

Backup copy at Indymedia (Worldwide) Web Site page address:

Published on November 23 2002 (on Indymedia) and November 25 2002 (on Forum Ireland).
Please see:

Forum Ireland Web Site:

Backup copy at Indymedia (Worldwide) Web Site address:


Published on November 14th 2002
Please see:


Published on November 7th 2002
Please see:


Published on November 5th 2002
Please see:


Published November 2nd 2002
Please see:


Published on October 26th 2002
Please see:

Published on October 24th 2002
Please see:


Published on October 23rd 2002
Please see:


Several other Internet publications (before October 23rd 2002) by William Finnerty which relate to aspects of the kind of legal and psychological abuse associated with State corruption experienced DIRECTLY by him can be seen at the following two web sites:




 Backup copies of the above information has been published at:

ForumIreland www page address (on Dec 7th 2002):

Indymedia (Worldwide) www page address (on Dec 7th 2002): www page address (on Dec 13th 2002):



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