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Subject :  Kilconnell superdump developments <<< Request for legal advice >>>

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Subject :  Kilconnell superdump developments <<< Request for legal advice >>>

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Subject :  Kilconnell superdump developments <<< Request for legal advice >>>

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Dear Ann Marie,
Now that Celtic Waste/Greenstar have actually moved onto the proposed dumpsite in Kilconnell, it is my view that none of us should take ANY action which relates to blocking their employees from entering until such time as we are in receipt of WRITTEN legal advice from a practicing solicitor.
With reference to plans your father mentioned to me this morning, I have major doubts and concerns in my mind that we will be able to get the "good crowd" he anticipates will be there this coming Friday morning: for the purpose of trying to stop Celtic Waste/Greenstar employees from entering their site.
So far the Kilconnell Anti-Dump Group has always let us down with regard to the approach we are using: i.e. challenging the unlawful interference with our Constitutional rights regarding Article 28A, and possibly Article 29 as well in relation to Section 5, Point 1, and the Aarhus Convention Agreement, which was signed by the Republic of Ireland in 1998 but never "laid before Dail Eireann".
Remember what happened on August 19th last at the meeting you and I attended in Kilconnell?  (It is in part related in the e-mail copied below dated August 31st 2004.)
Then there was the Ballyfa Meeting on October 1st last, when NEITHER the Kilconnell Anti Dump Group, nor the New Inn Anti-Dump Group offered us a cent towards the EURO 1800 you are at present trying to raise.
I personally don't believe we can afford to rely on local people to support us on Friday any further than we are able to throw them.
I looked up "Injunction" in "Principles of Irish Law" (written by Barrister Brian Doolan), and in part it reads as follows: "An injunction is a court order which directs a party to do, or to refrain from doing, some particular act.  Once an injunction is granted it is ultimately enforced by committal to prison if disobeyed.  In cases of urgency an application may be made ex parte, that is without notice to the offending party, for an interim injunction.  The application is heard on affidavit and, where granted, is effective for a few days while the offending party is given time to come to court and present a case."
Mindful of the copies of the solicitors letter (dated August 19th 2004 from Daniel J. Callanan) passed around in Ballyfa on October 1st last (regarding the constitutionality challenge plan), I feel you might now usefully seek legal advice regarding the contents of the paragraph immediately above?  If you do seek such advice, please note that I'm not sure who the "offending party" named on the injunction should be exactly - the State?, Celtic Waste/Greenstar?, or both possibly?  At a guess, I feel it should be the State - simply because it seems to me that it is the State that is responsible for what we believe are the unlawful alterations to the Waste Management Acts: which lay at the root of the whole problem. 
With due regard for the fact that you believe your Constitutional rights are being unlawfully interfered with, and the extreme and fundamental seriousness of such a wrongful act by public servants acting on behalf of the State, it is also my view that you (as a young and not-so-well-off student) should have no problems whatsoever getting Legal Aid in connection with any such injunction of the kind mentioned above which you might seek to acquire?
Best wishes,
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Sent: Tuesday, August 31, 2004 9:14 AM
Subject: Request for advice
Dear Danny,
I have shown your letter (dated August 19th 2004) to the three people who are most active in my campaign - my father Brendan Kelly, Ciaran Hughes, and William Finnerty.  Like myself, they all see your letter as very helpful.  For that, I would like to thank you, again.
I tried on Thursday the 19th August to get some support from the Kilconnell Anti-Dump Group.  Unfortunately, things did not go very well.  Indeed, an intolerable level of abuse was delivered to us from both the floor and the top table.  For whatever reason, the Kilconnell Group have never been keen on the idea of challenging the constitutionality of the Waste Management Acts.  I genuinely believed that they might have changed their stance on this - after An Bord Pleanala decided against their costly appeal.  As this hope for change does not seem to have happened, we have now decided to press on without the support of the Kilconnell Group. 
It is possible though that several members of the Kilconnell Group will still support us (as individuals), and with this in mind, we have now informed the Kilconnell Group about a public meeting we are planning to hold soon (i.e. within the coming three weeks or so).   The main purpose of the public meeting we are now planning is to try and get the five Ballinasloe Area County Councillors to share the 1800 Euros cost mentioned in your letter. They pledged on the Keith Finnegan show (just before the election last June) that - if elected - they would help in any way they could to fight the dump in Kilconnell.  Now is their BIG chance!!
As it appears to be the case that Greenstar (who used to be called Celtic Waste), now have all the licences they need, from the Environment Protection Agency etc., to start up operations in Kilconnell, we are wondering what we should do if they turn up next Monday (or the Monday after say), and start erecting fences and so on around the site? 
Subject to your guidance, I'm inclined to think that I should go out and try to stop them - so that they are forced, at THEIR expense, or at the expense of the State perhaps, to seek an injunction to have me lawfully removed.  I would very much appreciate it if you could let me know what you think about the possibility of I taking such action?
Best wishes,
Ann Marie.

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