E-mail to Eoin Dubsky

Sent: Sunday, September 15, 2002 9:44 AM
Subject: State activities which are unconstitutional.

Dear Mr Dubsky,

I was pleased to learn of your success in the High Court last Friday.

Your "constitutional challenge" appears to me to be a very valid and worthwhile one; and, the fact that Mr Justice Finnegan thinks you have a point comes as a very pleasant surprise to me.

It's too bad though that you have to go to such lengths, and to take such risks to make your point (and be listened to).

Why should anyone have to be arrested and taken to court to make the point that the State is possibly breaking the law? - when there are several people being paid large sums of taxpayers money who have job responsibilities to ensure that the State does not act unconstitutionally.

Like many others I suspect, I greatly admire the courageous and thoughtful stand you are taking.

In connection with some different matters (including Waste Management Amendment Act 2001), I am also attempting to challenge the constitutionality of certain State activities here in the Republic of Ireland.  If interested, please see www page location:

Best wishes,

Mr William (Billy) Finnerty.


Mr. Dubsky has been protesting against
US Air Force training and refuelling at Shannon Airport, Ireland:
activities which are possibly in breach of the written Constitution of the Republic of Ireland.

Further information at:



Henry David Thoreau
(1817 - 1862)



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