E-mail to Mr Gearoid Geraghty (Fair Murtagh) dated April 6th 2004

Sent: Tuesday, April 06, 2004 9:25 PM
Subject: Fw: Defamation of character
Dear Mr Geraghty,
I need some professional legal advice regarding the "defamation of character" matter I have attempted to outline in the e-mail immediately below to Mr Ciaran Mc Lochlainn (Sent: Tuesday, April 06, 2004 8:28 PM). 
Initially at least, it would be much appreciated if you could just let me have some brief guidance by e-mail please.  If appropriate, I could then perhaps go on to make an appointment to call and see you at your office.
Also, I would like to take this opportunity to point out that there is some unfinished business (as I see it) regarding an arrest warrant you were involved in which was issued on my account in the early part of October 2002.  For a variety of reasons, I would now like to try and tidy up that particular matter as well please.  I have been meaning to contact you about this for some time now; but, I have had to keep putting it off because of distractions caused by events which are indirectly related to the arrest warrant in question.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
William Finnerty.
----- Original Message -----
Dear Ciaran,
I have now looked up some legal reference books regarding the contents of the very abusive e-mail you copied to me yesterday (Sent: Monday, April 05, 2004 4:41 PM) which is reproduced below. 
On Page 208 of "Principles of Irish Law" by barrister Brian Doolan I have - among other things - come across the following statement:
"Defamation is the publication of a false statement which discredits another by lowering the estimation in which that person stands in the opinion of right-minded members of the community, or tends to hold that person up to hatred, ridicule, or contempt, or causes that person to be shunned or avoided by right-thinking members of society."
Please note that to the very best of my knowledge, there is nothing whatsoever in any of my medical records to suggest that I suffer (or ever have suffered) from the mental disorder known as paranoia.  Consequently, I regard the "paranoid rants" statement you made in your e-mail of yesterday as false.  There are several other statements in your e-mail of yesterday which I also regard as false.  In fact, I pretty much regard the whole of your e-mail of yesterday as little better than a complete bundle of falsehoods.
All things considered, and not least the fact that you copied the e-mail in question to several people (as can very clearly be seen below), I have now decided to seek legal advice from a professional lawyer: with a view to seeking damages from you for defamation of character (in your capacity as the Secretary of the East Galway Green Party).
Yours sincerely,
William Finnerty.
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From: "William Finnerty" <wfinnerty@eircom.net>
To: "Ciaran Mac Lochlainn" <ciaran17@eircom.net>
Cc: "Una Ni Bhroin" <unanibhroin@eircom.net>; "Donal O'Bearra" <dobearra@eircom.net>; "Brendan Kelly" <kellybrendan@eircom.net>; "john porter" <aneitleoirglas@eircom.net>; "Siobhan Nevin" <siobhannevin@ireland.com>
Sent: Monday, April 05, 2004 9:19 PM
Subject: Ballinasloe rural area Green Party election candidate for June 11th

> Dear Ciaran,
> Thank you for the comments you have made below.
> For now, I would just like to state that I am totally amazed by some of
> them.
> I hope I will be given the chance to reply to them a little more fully later
> on when I have more time - hopefully within the coming 2 days or so.
> Best wishes,
> Billy.
> +++++++++++
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Ciaran Mac Lochlainn" <
> To: "Una Ni Bhroin" <
> Cc: "Siobhan Nevin" <
siobhannevin@ireland.com>; "john porter"
> <
aneitleoirglas@eircom.net>; "William Finnerty" <wfinnerty@eircom.net>;
> "Brendan Kelly" <
kellybrendan@eircom.net>; "Donal O'Bearra"
> <
> Sent: Monday, April 05, 2004 4:41 PM
> Subject: Re: local elections
> > A Chairde,
> >
> > I think it's time to call a spade a spade.  We've been patient, polite
> > and understanding with Billy and Brendan for far too long.  I've tried
> > as hard as anyone to accomodate them, and all I've had in response has
> > been baseless accusations, bullying, paranoid rants and incessant
> > timewasting emails.  There are no "shadowy puppet masters" trying to
> > prevent Billy being selected, only all the ordinary party members who
> > have simply had enough.  The only reason nobody raised the issue before
> > was because we try so hard to avoid confrontation.  In my opinion, we've
> > appeased Billy and Brendan too much already.
> >
> > Seven Reasons Not To Select Billy Finnerty
> >
> >    1. Billy insulted Trevor Sargent and Colm O'Caomhanaigh - implied
> >       that he might take part in a "cover up" of the alleged 50k bribe
> >       in Kilconnell (9 Nov 2003)
> >    2. Billy insulted me personally and lied about his intentions - he
> >       said that I broke an "agreement" reached in a meeting at the bar
> >       at the convention. (13 Mar 2004) This was not a formal meeting, it
> >       was an informal discussion, i.e. a pub conversation. No notices
> >       were sent out about this meeting and no minutes were taken.
> >       Nobody there was entitled to represent anyone who was not there.
> >       In this discussion, Billy said he would go forward as a paper
> >       candidate if nobody else was available.  I said I would start the
> >       Rule 12 selection process (which Dónal took on).  Siobhán was not
> >       involved in this discussion as she was talking to Ann Marie
> >       Flanagan the whole time.  It would therefore be inaccurate to say
> >       that Siobhán supported Billy's candidacy.  I also had reservations
> >       but I was happy at the time for Billy to be a paper candidate so
> >       long as he remained on paper.  Billy then decided to run a
> >       substantial campaign, and when Una said she'd go forward, Billy
> >       didn't step aside as he'd said he would.

> >    3. Brendan and Billy said that Úna would not be suitable to represent
> >       them because she's from Ballinasloe town and would have an
> >       interest in having a superdump opened elsewhere so that the town
> >       dump near her would close.  This shows a complete lack of
> >       understanding of party policy on waste and is unfair and extremely
> >       insulting to her.  Una decided not to contest the selection - she
> >       said she didn't want to "fight Billy" which suggests to me that
> >       she may have felt intimidated by them.  Brendan subsequently said
> >       that someone would have to lie down in front of the diggers and
> >       Una would not be the right person for this.  I should point out
> >       (a) that candidates and elected reps don't have a monopoly on
> >       direct action and (b) Una was in the Glen of the Downs.  Enough
> >       said.
> >    4. In Tuam last Monday, Billy implied that Mary White was either
> >        lying or incompetent because she said she hadn't heard about the
> >       alleged bribe in Kilconnell (29 Mar 2004).  Why on earth should
> >       she know about it?
> >    5. Brendan emailed Siobhan suggesting that she was blocking Billy's
> >       candidacy because she saw him as a threat to her supposed career
> >       ambitions.  The only real threat is that he might make the party
> >       (and Siobhán by extension) look stupid for selecting him to
> >       represent us.
> >    6. His membership was lapsed until last January.  In fact, he was
> >       trying to set up another party (called The Celtic Party) in the
> >       meantime.  I understand he's also approached the Labour Party.
> >       This is not the behaviour of someone who's committed to the Green
> >       Party.  He doesn't have a track record of engagement in the
> >       party's campaigns or of contribution to the policy development
> >       process. He doesn't appear to understand party policy on waste,
> >       which he should know inside out if he's serious about being a
> >       candidate.
> >    7. He and Brendan continue to promote the Samshire proposal, even
> >       after Samshire has been caught exporting waste illegally (Irish
> >       Times 11 Feb 2004).  The Green Party cannot be seen to endorse
> >       this company.
> >
> > Basically, he's only back in the party a wet week and he's managed to
> > offend almost everyone he's met.  I wouldn't be happy for him to
> > represent us on the doorsteps or in the media.  As Secretary, I feel I
> > would be letting the group down if I stood by and let things get any
> > worse.
> >
> > This matter will be decided democratically at a selection convention
> > unless Billy withdraws in advance.
> >
> > All members in the East Galway constituency will be entitled to vote by
> > secret ballot at the selection convention.  I want to make it clear that
> > I will be voting against Billy.  I would rather have no Green candidate
> > on the ballot than someone who is so clearly unsuitable.
> >
> > Ciarán Mac Lochlainn
> > Secretary East Galway Greens


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