Turoe / Knocknadala Royal Complex of Heritage Sites

Galway County Council Heritage Manager informed ...
Marie Mannion (Galway Co. Council Heritage Manager)

Galway County Council Senior Staff Officer informed ...
Mr. Enda Cannon (Senior Staff Officer, National Roads Authority, Galway County Council)

Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2003 3:44 PM
Subject: Fw: Clarifications/Corrections >>> Re: Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Information & N6 Roadway Upgrade
Dear Mr. Cannon,
Thank you for your very helpful reply.
I have now copied your information to all members of the Turoe Celtic Society who have e-mail addresses.  Please see further down.
As the list of members is confidential I have withheld all details from the text below.
Kind regards,
Billy Finnerty.
----- Original Message -----
To: <<< Members of The Turoe Celtic Society >>>
Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2003 3:33 PM
Subject: Clarifications/Corrections >>> Re: Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Information & N6 Roadway Upgrade
Please note corrections below from Mr Enda Cannon (National Roads Design Office)
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2003 10:01 AM
Subject: RE: N6 Roadway Upgrade / Turoe & Knocknadala Heritage sites
Dear Mr Finnerty,
Please accept my apologies for not responding to you yesterday.
I can confirm that your understanding of the information I gave you is correct, with the following clarifications;
1. A  number of possible corridors for the road were identified in the Constraints Study Report. The process by which the preferred route emerged is documented in the Route Selection Report.
3. It is more correct to speak of an 'Environmental Impact Statement' (EIS), which is the term used in the relevant legislation rather than 'Environmental Impact Assessment' (EIA), which tends to be used for non-statutory environmental assessments.
5. An Board Pleanala's decision can be appealed to the High Court, although the right of appeal may be limited to a point of law. As I am unclear on this issue I suggest that if you need further clarification on this point you should seek legal advice.
I hope that the above clarifies these issues but if you have any further queries feel free to contact me.
I have also forwarded to you the section of the Route Selection Report analysing the responses to  the first public consultation, as discussed, which clearly illustrates that the responses were analysed both as a whole and in categories, thus illustrating that the allegation that half the responses were 'rejected' was without foundation.
Enda Cannon,
Senior Staff Officer,
National Roads Design Office,
Galway County Council.
Dear Mr. Cannon,
Thank you very much for the helpful information you provided me with this morning when I called at your Corporation House office in Ballybrit Business Park.
As I informed you, I was tasked by the recently formed "Turoe Celtic Society" group (at a business meeting yesterday evening) to try to find out what the exact situation is regarding the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) for the planned N6 Roadway Upgrade which is at present scheduled to go through the Turoe & Knocknadala area of East Galway. 
Following our discussion this morning, my understanding of the situation is as follows:
1) In the wake of a "Constraint Study" carried out some time ago, a "Preferred Route" has emerged; and, directly associated with this, there now exists a large set of documents which is called "The Route Selection Report".  Members of the public can see this report (which includes detailed maps) by calling at your office.
2) As stated on the August 22nd 2003 edition of the Connacht Tribune Newspaper, it is the intention of Galway County Council at the present time to go to the "Compulsory Purchase Order" (CPO) stage sometime around the end of this year.  Details will be announced in the local newspapers at the time this takes place.
3) The Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) will appear at the same time as the CPO information, and both will be put on public display for a minimum period of 28 days.  During the 28 day period the EIA and CPO information is on public display, and for an additional period of 14 days after they are taken off public display, members of the public will be able to make submissions to your office relating to either (or both) the EIA and the CPOs. 
4) Objections relating to the EIA and/or the CPOs will be dealt with by "oral hearing" which will be chaired by an independant inspector who reports to Bord Planala. 
5) Anybody who is dissatisfied with Bord Planala decisions will have the right to appeal to the High Court.
If I am in error regarding my present understanding of the situation set out under 1) to 5) above, it would be much appreciated if you could correct me as soon as possible please. 
Some basic information relating to the heritage sites which the Turoe Celtic Society wishes to protect in the Turoe & Knocknadala area can be found at the following Internet page addresses:
You may find it useful to know that copies of the new book (titled "Turoe & Athenry: Ancient Capitals of Celtic Ireland") referred to on the above Internet pages were handed to the three people named below at the Heritage Awards Ceremony held in Clarinbridge last Thursday (i.e. September 11th 2003):
Ms. Marie Mannion (Galway County Council Heritage Officer);
Ms. Fionnula Lynch (Heritage Council of Ireland); and,
Mr. Michael Gibbons (Archaeologist).
As I mentioned to you today, there is a LOT of concern in our group regarding the contents of the "Sorry, you've sent that in the wrong envelope" article I handed to you this morning. The full text of the "Telling it like it is" publication which the article in question came from, plus two others on the subject of road design in Ireland, can be found through the following Internet page:
As I trust you will fully understand, there is also a lot of concern in our group regarding the "final written warning due to shortcomings in the Irish legislation governing EIAs" which is reported in the EU Institutions Press Release dated July 22nd 2003.  The publication in question can be seen at the following Internet page address:
Finally, it is my understanding (from what you told me) that the Galway County Council Project Archaeologist for the planned N6 Upgrade is Mr Gerry O' Sullivan.  Should you feel that it might help to protect the sites mentioned in the above mentioned book (by Fr. Tom O'Connor), please feel free to copy this e-mail to him - or indeed to any of your colleagues in Galway County Council who you believe may be able to help with this particular matter.
William Finnerty.


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