Galway Advertiser Newspaper 
 (Page 24, February 19th 2004 Edition)

    Letter to Editor from Ann Marie Kelly   

  Recycling offer rejected.  Why? 


Dear Editor,
I was surprised to learn at last Mondays Public Anti Dump meeting held in Wards of Ballyfa that an English company with a very impressive track record of managing and recycling waste for over 250 million people world wide (Sam Sire Recycling Company) offered to finance, build and run a recycling plant capable of managing all the waste from Co Galway. 
The really good thing about this offer is that there would be no need at all for either of the two things most people are very anxious to avoid: superdumps and incinerators.
This company would guarantee to recycle 50% ,compost 30% and at first landfill the remaining 20% with a commitment to seek alternatives other than landfill for this 20%. This offer was rejected by Galway Co. Co in 2001.
 When asked why this proposal was rejected Mr Noel Tracy (TD) claimed Sam Shire Recycling Company did not state where their intended site would be. This answer seemed ridiculous to me because in order to follow proper procedure the site selection process would have to follow the procedures set out in the Aarhus Convention Agreement: which would not allow the kind of secret deals which rival company Celtic Waste entered into with local landowners in Kilconnell. 
It would appear that Sam Shire Recycling Company were penalised for following proper procedure.
In contradiction to what Noel Treacy (TD) claimed, it emerged later in the meeting that Sam Sire Recycling Company had specified Poolboy as their proposed site. 
Had this sensible proposal from Sam Shire been accepted by Galway Co. Co, it would have eliminated the need for the two superdumps that are now being forced onto the New Inn and Kilconnell communities. Because the volume of waste entering Poolboy landfill would be reduced by at least 80%, it would mean that Poolboy landfill could remain open for an extra 6 or 7 years at least. By that time this recycling company would have identified alternatives to landfill for the remaining 20% and reach a Zero Waste target by 2015. 
Rather than accept the Sam Shire proposition, it seems the Galway Co Manager decided to impose the much more profitable superdumps plan onto the people of East Galway against their wishes - which Galway Co Co will now try to cash in on to the tune of as much as Ä500,000 per day possibly, all at the expense of the New Inn and Kilconnell communities. Then there will be the incinerators to follow, with more big profits, and soft jobs for the boys as well.
I believe that the County Manager should now explain to the people of East Galway - without delay - why he did not accept the offer from Sam Sire Recycling Company that he received in 2001?
Is Mise
Ann Marie Kelly
Killaan Woodlawn Ballinasloe Co Galway


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